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Baby Box

I partnered with The Baby Box Co. for this post but all opinions are entirely my own.

Have you ever heard of a baby box? A few years ago, I had read about the free boxes that are given to parents in Finland as a safe place for the new baby to sleep. And now, I’m happy to partner with The Baby Box Co. to let you know how YOU can get a free Baby Box for your baby here in the United States. Baby Boxes are sustainably designed safe sleeping spaces which include premium baby products to support new parents. Free Baby Box // Salty CanaryAs you know, I have two little newborn munchkins. What you might not know is that we have a three-story home (we have the rare finished California basement) and we have limited funds … diapers and formula cost money! When I put together my registry for the babies, I included several items for the babies to sit in or sleep in that we could keep both upstairs and downstairs including 2 cribs, 2 rock n plays, a pack n play, 2 boppies, a Table for Two, etc. But, it’s still not enough. Several of these items can’t easily be moved or can’t be used on a hard floor. So I can’t put down a baby in a bathroom, the kitchen, or the basement unless I move a heavy, bulky piece of furniture. And with two babies, I’m on a budget. But luckily, the Baby Box is free, it is easy to move around, and is meant to be used on the floor, so it’s perfect for in the bathroom when I’m giving the other baby a bath or in the kitchen when I need to do dishes or cook lunch or dinner! Plus, it gives the babies a new view!Free Baby Box // Salty CanaryFree Baby Box // Salty CanaryFree Baby Box // Salty CanaryThe Baby Box arrives with several free samples including diapers, breast milk storage bags, coupons, and more! Free Baby Box // Salty CanaryHere’s how the Free Baby Box program works: parents simply sign-up at Baby Box University, watch a short series of videos selected by local experts with great educational content about safe sleep, nutrition, breastfeeding, and many other topics, take a quiz, and then receive a free Baby Box. The educational videos have great content and tips about safe sleep! I learned a lot about why babies should sleep on their backs and because of this information, I can now answer confidently when a grandparent asks why the babies can’t sleep on their stomachs like we did. Free-Baby-Box-Salty-Canary (17 of 19) copyThe Baby Box is a sustainably designed, safe sleeping space. What’s included in the box? The Baby Box comes with a firm, foam pad mattress, one waterproof mattress cover, one ultra-soft, 100% cotton sheet, and 1 zippered bag full of samples. Parents report use of their Baby Box as a primary sleep space for their child until approximately 5-6 months of age. Most parents use their Baby Box as a safe spot for baby to sleep at night. These parents generally keep their Baby Box right next to their bed. Other parents use the Baby Box as a place for baby to relax or nap during the day; they often keep the Baby Box in the kitchen or living room and use it while they are in that room. Baby can rest safely while mom and dad are busy cooking, folding laundry, taking care of other kids, and so on. Free Baby Box // Salty CanaryOnce baby is too big for the Baby Box, it can be repurposed as a storage box for toys, as a keepsake chest, or as a fun educational upcycling project!Free Baby Box // Salty Canary

What you need to do to qualify for a free Baby Box:

  • Go to and sign-up for a free account.
  • Baby Box University // Salty Canary
  • Click on “Find Your Course” and select the location closest to you.
  • Watch the videos that are part of your course, this will take 15-20 minutes.
  • Take the quiz and get a certificate. Select how you wish to receive your Baby Box. Depending on your location, you will be able to ship it to your home or pick it up at a nearby location.
  • Put your baby in the box!

Remember, your baby should be lying on their back and the box should be on the floor!Free Baby Box // Salty CanaryFree Baby Box // Salty Canary

Here is where the universal baby box program is currently active. Please check here for updates as they expand into additional regions.

  • Boxes are available in California and 8 other states (CO, TX, OH, NJ, IA, AL, MN, WI)
  • Boxes are also available in all Canadian provinces except Quebec.

Would you put your baby in a box? Let me know in a comment!

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