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Budgeting for a Babymoon

If you follow my blog, you know we have two (TWO!) babies on the way! Luckily, it was a Buy One, Get One Free type of deal, but my mom likes to keep reminding me that the second one is definitely NOT free! The second one is going to need a lot of stuff and cost a lot of money, too! Budgeting for a Babymoon // Salty CanaryAnd while it does NOT mean we necessarily need two of everything, we do need of two of some things like cribs, carseats, a double stroller, and then just more of other things like more clothes, more bottles, and more … diapers! Budgeting for a Babymoon // Salty CanaryWith twins on the way, several of my twin mama friends INSISTED that my husband and I prioritize a “babymoon” and spend some time as just the two of us before the babies arrive. However, it’s been difficult to budget for a babymoon while also prepping the nursery, not to mention finishing all the construction work we have to do on our new house, and figuring out that we need to buy a bigger car. Even with friends and family generously gifting us so many items for the babies, I’ve still been buying a lot of stuff to prep the nursery and the house for our two new roommates. Budgeting for a Babymoon // Salty CanaryBudgeting for a Babymoon // Salty CanaryBut luckily, both my husband and I use our credit cards for ALL of our purchases, big and small, so we can use the rewards for travel. I had really wanted a babymoon in Hawaii, but the timing of the pregnancy, the timing of our move into the house, and the timing of the Mister’s work just didn’t make sense, so instead, we’re planning a few weekend trips to nearby California towns like San Luis Obispo, Palm Springs, and San Diego. This way, we’re still semi-close to home in case I need to go to the hospital (hello high risk pregnancy) and the Mister doesn’t have to take a lot of time off of work. Plus, if I end up needing a 5 hour nap in a hotel room, I won’t feel like I “wasted Hawaii!” Budgeting for a Babymoon // Salty CanaryWe have a newer Bank of America Travel Rewards credit card where we simply accumulate points from our everyday purchases (groceries, gas, movie tickets, rocking chairs, baby clothes, diapers, etc.) and also book our travel on the same credit card. Then, after the trip, we can simply redeem points for a statement credit for the travel expenses including flights, hotel rooms, car rentals, baggage fees, and even theme park tickets, etc.! It’s really genius! It’s not like my old credit card where I had to book travel through the credit card website, meaning I had to book a certain flight or a certain hotel, etc. which was subject to blackout dates or restrictions and not necessarily the flight or hotel I really wanted. I am loving this new method! Budgeting for a Babymoon // Salty CanaryIf you’re looking for a new credit card with better rewards, be sure to check out The site rates and reviews credit cards to provide objective, useful comparative information to help you choose the right card for you. There are so many different types of cards, from airline, to hotel, to travel or rewards based, to student or business cards. You can even search for a card type by bank.’s goal is to help people seize greater opportunity through smarter spending – like for us, we’re now able to afford a few mini babymoons  because of our everyday purchases!

I am so looking forward to floating in a pool in Palm Springs! Have you gone on a babymoon in California? Let me know where in a comment below! Budgeting for a Babymoon // Salty Canary

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