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DIY Love Wall Cat Litter Mat

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This DIY Cat Litter Mat Tutorial is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fresh Step® Litter.

I love Lucy, my kitty cat! But I hate all the litter that gets tracked throughout the house. And it doesn’t matter which brand of litter you get – that cat is going to track it throughout the house. So today I’m sharing how I cut down on litter tracking with a “litter mat.” It’s just a doormat placed right outside the litter box, but I made it cute!Freshstep Love Wall Litter Box Mat DIY // Salty Canary

I think I’ve alluded to how Lucy came to live with us in previous blog posts, but here’s the whole story: Lucy belonged to my dad’s ex-girlfriend and my dad happened to be living with her to help her with her cancer/chemo appointments, but when the ex-girlfriend passed away he kept living in the apartment and inherited the cat. And then when my dad passed away, people living in the apartment complex said they would take the cat (they didn’t), and then the ex-girlfriend’s daughter was going to take the cat (but we found out she was going to take the cat to a shelter) and then the landlord said he would take the cat.

Well, I went over to the apartment to pick up the cable boxes and drop off the keys and discovered that Lucy was still there! I don’t know how often she was being fed or visited, but it made me so mad that so many people had said they would take her and then backed out. My husband and I had talked about taking her, but we already had one cat who was declawed (she was declawed before we adopted her) and we weren’t sure they would get along or be safe together, but after discovering Lucy was still there in that sad apartment, I decided she was coming home with me and we would just figure it out! Freshstep Love Wall Litter Box Mat DIY // Salty Canary

And I am so glad I brought her home! She is the sweetest cat! She loves to eat. She loves to play string on a stick with her dad. She loves to hog my pregnancy pillow at night. And she loves to kick litter outside of her litter box. This last point is why I built her a litter box cabinet and why there is now a litter mat outside of it.Freshstep Love Wall Litter Box Mat DIY // Salty CanaryFreshstep Love Wall Litter Box Mat DIY // Salty Canary

I didn’t just want to place a boring, brown doormat outside of her litter box, so I added a bit of color to it based on the muralist James Goldcrown’s murals. He paints these amazing bleeding heart love walls and has partnered with Fresh Step® Litter to help launch its #CatLuv campaign in anticipation of National Cat Day on October 29th!

Here I am in front of one of James Goldcrown’s murals in Eagle Rock for my maternity photoshoot last week. Can you imagine how cute a cat/heart mural is going to be?!? I can’t wait to see it unveiled!Freshstep Love Wall Litter Box Mat DIY // Salty Canary

Photo by Ilene Squires Photography

Goldcrown, along with digital magician Zach King, are kicking off the Fresh Step #CatLuv campaign at the Amanda Foundation animal shelter in Beverly Hills, California on October 25th where Goldcrown will unveil a colorful mural of his well-known hearts combined with adorable cats painted onto the side of the Amanda Foundation shelter. If you live in the Los Angeles area, you are invited to visit the shelter at 351 Foothill Rd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 and take a photo in front of the #CatLuv mural. And anyone can participate in the campaign by posting a photo of their cat love to Instagram for a chance to win $500 and a 10,000 Fresh Step Paw Points donation to a shelter of their choice. All posts including the hashtags #CatLuv and #contest through November 15th will be entered to win.

And if you want to show your cat some #CatLuv and cut down on litter tracking, make a DIY Cat Litter Mat! All you need is a doormat and some spray paint. Simply spray hearts or cat shapes onto your mat and let dry. Also, let the paint fumes air out of the mat for several days before putting it in your house or near your cat’s litter box.Freshstep Love Wall Litter Box Mat DIY // Salty Canary

Fresh Step’s mission is to help every shelter cat find a forever home. I’m so glad that I kept Lucy out of a shelter and we can’t wait to adopt a second cat after I give birth to these two babies. Unfortunately, that won’t be for several months, but if you’re looking for a new cat friend, Fresh Step is offering fee-waived cat adoptions at the Amanda Foundation through October 30th!  Freshstep Love Wall Litter Box Mat DIY // Salty CanaryFreshstep Love Wall Litter Box Mat DIY // Salty CanaryThis DIY Cat Litter Mat Tutorial is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fresh Step® Litter.

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