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DIY Vinyl “CAT” Food Sign

Most people who walk into my kitchen immediately crack up when they see our “CAT” sign right above our cat’s food and water dish. My husband first did this when we got Poops (that’s the cat’s name. I didn’t name her) while he was living at his old apartment 5 years ago. He simply took a marker and wrote on the wall. (Don’t worry, he painted over it when he moved.) Then he did it again in our house. Same thing – marker on wall. He used a marker because he knows we’re going to completely gut our kitchen and that panel is going to be removed for a new door. But we need a less permanent solution for next time – so I decided to make the same sign, but using vinyl so it’s removable and I’ve got the DIY Vinyl “CAT” Food Sign tutorial for you below.DIY Cat Food Sign // Legal Miss Sunshine


DIY Cat Food Sign // Legal Miss SunshineDIY Cat Food Sign // Legal Miss Sunshine

Tutorial: To make your own vinyl CAT food sign, download this cat PDF file, and cut it out on your diecutting machine. If you don’t have a diecutting machine, you can simply print out the PDF file, cut out the letters, trace them onto vinyl, and cut out the letters and arrow using an exacto knife on top of a cutting mat. Once you have your vinyl sign cut out, use transfer tape to remove the backing and adhere to your wall. After that, it is on the wall, but totally removable in case you need to move!


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