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Homemade Donuts and My Kitchen Wish List

Disclaimer: I am a member of Wayfair’s Homemaker Program and Wayfair has generously sponsored my donut making wish list. All thoughts, opinions, and wish list items are 100% my own.Wayfair Kitchen Handmade Donuts - Legal Miss SunshineA not-so-secret secret: I am not great in the kitchen. I’m a newbie. I can probably make 20-25 meals and two of those meals may or may not be grilled cheese and pizza. But lately I’ve been practicing and really trying. And I decided I wanted to try making homemade fried donuts. Go big or go home, right? And I think I did pretty well on my first try!Wayfair Kitchen Handmade Donuts - Legal Miss SunshineI have a fair amount of kitchen cookware and prep items, plus tons of vintage kitchen items, but I didn’t have exactly what I needed to make donuts. So the super nice folks at Wayfair sent me almost everything I could need to make donuts at home! I got a large deep dryer pot, a candy thermometer, a skimmer, alphabet cookie cutters, pastry decorating tips, and pastry bags. The best part? The price! I’ll let you know that it was all for around $100 with free shipping!

Wayfair Kitchen Handmade Donuts - Legal Miss SunshineWayfair Kitchen Handmade Donuts - Legal Miss SunshineSo now I had all the tools, but I needed recipes and to learn how to make donuts! I did my research and watched some videos (more on that later!), and I’m not going to lie, but when it came time to frying the donuts there was talk about shutting down the whole operation before I even dropped one donut in the oil. And yes, we brought out the fire extinguisher! The oil was hot and it made me nervous, but after a couple of burnt donuts, I figured it out and the rest came out perfectly browned.Wayfair Kitchen Handmade Donuts - Legal Miss SunshineWayfair Kitchen Handmade Donuts - Legal Miss SunshineIf you would like to make your own donuts at home, I’ve got your Wayfair shopping list right here. You can get everything you need, and have it delivered right to your front door.

Wayfair Kitchen Donuts - Legal Miss Sunshine


1.Alphabet Cookie Cutter Set 2.Candy Thermometer 3.Disposable Pastry Bags 4.Decorating Tip Set 5.Skimmer 6.Deep Fryer

And here’s my personal wish list. I made these donuts perfectly fine with what I currently have in my kitchen, but that’s not to say there wasn’t some cursing involved. And what I’ve found is that my frustrations during cooking and baking are because I don’t have the proper tools. Below is my wish list of kitchen upgrades, feel free to forward them on to Santa for me!

Wayfair Kitchen Donuts - Legal Miss Sunshine


1.Marble Pastry Board 2.Fire Extinguisher 3.Le Creuset Batter Bowl 4.10-piece Mixing Bowl Set 5.Kitchenaid Mixer 6.Batter Bowl (Set of 4!!!) 7.French Rolling Pin

What’s on your kitchen wish list?


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