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Minted Holiday Gift Guide

This post is sponsored by Minted, a brand that I love. Be sure to visited Minted for your gifts and cards for the holidays! This post contains affiliate links. 

I don’t do the standard gift guides like most bloggers, because honestly, I don’t like a bunch of the mainstream gifts that you can buy. I guess I have eclectic taste. But, it’s this eclectic taste that makes me like Minted, an online marketplace of independent artists and designers where you can find awesome designs and art prints that are perfect for the loved ones in your life who appreciate good design!

Let’s start out with a gift for the hostess! Minted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryIn October, we drove up from Portland, OR to Seattle to meet some friends for lunch and I meant to bring a gift – probably wine – but we were running late because of traffic. So much traffic in Seattle. So, we arrived empty-handed. I hate arriving empty-handed. And I’ve meant to send a gift since then, but I’ve been so busy with work, and the weeks just keep slipping by, but when I saw these napkins on Minted, I knew I had to gift them! You can get a set of 6 napkins that are all the same design, or you can grab a mixed set of 3 different designs, which I loved! So I grabbed the Venice Bungalow Napkin Set. They ship with a white ribbon and a tag to make for easy gift giving, or you can add your own bow like I’m going to with the beautiful teal velvet ribbon!Minted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanarySpeaking of Portland, when we were up there, I stopped by my friend Asia’s apartment and noticed she had some white walls and asked if I could send her some art. She mentioned that she actually wanted to purchase a print of my Motel photograph from Minted, but I said, “No, let me send it to you!” I’m not going to send her the big copy, that’s a bit presumptuous, but I’m sure she can find a spot on her walls for the small blue version. Minted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryMinted has a lot of awesome travel themed photos and art prints, so if you’re looking for something for the travel-lover in your life, you’ll be sure to find something they like! And if you’re looking for an added gift, one of these motel themed keychains from Schoolhouse Electric would make a great gift tag! I picked up the “Guest” keychain for when guests visit and need their own key, but I probably need that red one since I’m always looking for my keys! Minted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryIf you have a dreamer in your life who is always looking up at the stars, you’ll want want to send them one of these space and star themed art prints! From the top clockwise there is the Two Villages and the Little Bear Art Print, Moon Rock Art Print, The Pleiades, and a gold-foil stamped Sagittarius print. The moon print will be going to my Goody Goody Gift Swap exchangee who loves the moon! Since it’s not actually a print of the moon, but rather a photograph of concrete which looks like the moon, I hope she loves it. Fingers crossed! Minted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryMinted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryAnd I love this Pleiades print. It reminds me of my dad who always pointed out all of the different constellations and how to find them in the sky including this constellation of the 7 sisters. Minted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryMinted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryAnd of course, if you order a print custom-framed, they come ready to hang! Minted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryDid you know Minted even has art for your favorite baker or cook! I’m sure these “From The Kitchen Of” stickers would make a baker happy to place on their yummy creations before gifting to friends and family. Or, you could have one of their favorite handwritten family recipes printed as gold foil artMinted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryNow, sometimes you have to give yourself a gift, so I ordered the Kitchen stickers and a handwritten recipe for myself, but I’m sure friends and family will appreciate receiving the cookies (or donuts) that I bake and my mom will love knowing that her Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe will forever be hanging in my kitchen. Minted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryMinted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryMinted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryOf if you’re looking for a gift for someone with a baby on the way, I recommend one of these beautifully drawn city art prints for New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., Seattle, or Los Angeles.  I picked up the San Francisco art map in pink for my friend Lauren who is expecting her new baby girl in just a couple of weeks and it will look darling in her nursery! I’m also making a pompom garland to send with it! Minted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryAnd I grabbed the LA version for my new office! I have a lot of space to fill and I love my city and want to represent it on my walls! Minted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryAnd I picked up a few other art prints for some of my favorite friends and bloggers including a custom poem print! From the top clockwise there is the ha-ha-ha-ha Art Print, my own quote as a printed custom poem, a Keys Wallet Phone reminder (perfect for hanging by the front door!), Flamingo, and the San Francisco print (again. Yeah, I love it!). Minted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryI love these bespoke art gifts that Minted offers, including your favorite poem as art. I wanted to have a silly poem that I wrote printed for my husband. (The silly poem was about a moth on the outside of our tent when we were camping. The Mister was reading me poetry and the author repeated the last line twice, which I just thought was bullshit and I said I could write poetry, so I came up with a quick poem about the moth on the tent which ended with: “At least it’s on the outside. At least it’s on the outside.”) Yeah, so long story short, I decided my silly poem didn’t need to be immortalized as an art print just yet, so I went with my favorite quote, “Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, fuck you!” It came about when we were driving to visit a tiki restaurant that was closing. We tried to visit it two times before it closed, but they weren’t open either time, so we gave up and in my anger I said one of my favorite things ever. I plan to hang it above my desk and I hope it remind me to never take shit from Home Depot or Lowes and their delivery men ever again. Minted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryAnd this flamingo will look lovely in a pink office for someone who loves flamingos! Minted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryAnd the Keys, Wallet, Phone print is perfect for the forgetful friend! And I just really like the ha-ha-ha-ha print for someone who is laughing and happy all the time! Minted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryAnd if you need wrapping paper, Minted has you covered! Minted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryThis Watercolor Flowing Wrapping Paper is perfect for Christmas or any other time of the year! I combined it with this stunning teal velvet ribbon, and these beautiful custom printed gift tags! But if you’re clueless, they have some styled gift wrap looks to help you wrap your gift up nice and pretty! Minted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryMinted Holiday Gift Guide // Salty CanaryOk, so now let’s get into the nitty-gritty! If you’re going to order holiday cards, you can order them by TODAY, 12/12/16 by 3pm for delivery by 12/20/16. If you’re going to order art prints, you need to order them by 12/15/16 at 3pm for delivery by 12/24. But you can check all of the delivery deadline right here.

And, as I was clicking through the Minted website, I saw that they now offer beautiful online invitations which are FREE during their beta period through 12/31/16. So if you’re thinking of hosting a New Years party, be sure to look through their designs!



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