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How I Plan a Road Trip

The husband and I looooove a road trip! It doesn’t matter if it’s across the U.S., to Las Vegas, or just an hour or two away to Ojai or Palm Springs, we love jumping in the car and seeing the sights along the highway. And we haven’t taken a vacation since last December when we drove out to Joshua Tree for my birthday, so I am DYING for a trip! Luckily, I have one planned for Palm Springs next month and I wanted to share with you how I plan a road trip. How To Plan a Road Trip // Palm Springs // Salty Canary Before I even start planning a specific trip, I’m always looking for inspiration. I’m usually inspired by what I see in magazines or on Pinterest or Instagram and when I see something, I pull it, pin it, or take a screen shot and file it away for later planning stages. For example, about 5 years ago I came across a small article in a magazine about a hotel in Palm Springs that just looked HEAVENLY, so I yanked the page out and later booked a trip to go there after my first year of law school was finished. While there, my (now) husband proposed! We try to get back there every so often when we need to recharge. And now, that same hotel is featured on the front cover of the same magazine. How To Plan a Road Trip // Palm Springs // Salty Canary Since we’ve been to Palm Springs a few times, we have a few things that we like to do: stop at the Cabezon dinosaurs, do a little shopping at the outlet mall, sit by the pool all day and do nothing, etc. But I always like to try to add a new adventure to our trips – especially when we’ve already visited the spot before. And checking out Instagram and Pinterest are two great ways to get more inspiration! I’ll usually just check the hashtag for that city/town or see if the town has an account and shares photos on what to see/do. How To Plan a Road Trip // Palm Springs // Salty Canary for this next trip to Palm Springs, I am definitely checking out the Moorten Botanical Gardens (which I see on Instagram ALL THE TIME), possibly having dinner at Mister Parker’s, and I would LOVE to take a wind turbine tour or a tour of Elvis’ Honeymoon Hideaway.

Once we have our trip planned and booked, I make sure the AAA is up-to-date and I get the car ready. How To Plan a Road Trip // Palm Springs // Salty Canary I like to clean out the car of everything we won’t need – all my excess grocery bags, the extra shoes that somehow end up in my trunk, or the empty water bottles under my car seat. And, I love putting a fresh tree in the car so she smells good! How To Plan a Road Trip // Palm Springs // Salty Canary Then I like to make sure to get the oil changed. How To Plan a Road Trip // Palm Springs // Salty Canary Next up? Pack the car with the essentials: baby wipes, trash bags, sunscreen, bug spray, first aid kit, an extension cord (for those hotels and motels with not enough outlets for charging) and a flamingo float. Yes, she’s an essential! How To Plan a Road Trip // Palm Springs // Salty Canary And then when the day has come, we pack and hit the road! Woohoo! How To Plan a Road Trip // Palm Springs // Salty Canary

Where are your summer adventures taking you this year? Let me know in the comments below! And if you’ve road tripped California Hwy 395, please let me know – that’s the next road trip I’m planning!

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