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5 Tips for Hosting a Party with Confidence

A few years ago, I was NOT a confident party thrower. I would be anxious about getting the house clean, planning the perfect menu, wearing the perfect outfit, making sure guests are entertained, etc., but after you throw a few parties and get-togethers, you learn what works and you learn to not sweat the rest! If you get anxious about hosting a party then keep reading as I share my 5 tips on how to Host a Party with Confidence!

1. First, try to keep it small or simple. Make a theme, stick to it! Bagels and mimosas for a Sunday brunch, Friday night root beer floats, a summer backyard party, a breakfast book club, taco Tuesday, or even taco Saturday! Ha! Just pick some simple foods and drinks that go with the theme and invite some friends and family! I’m sharing some photos of my Milk & Donuts Party where we celebrated my cat Lucy’s birthday! How to Host a Party with Confidence // Salty Canary 2. Remember, the entire house does NOT have to be spotless! I’m so guilty of always trying to clean the entire house. I used to not have anyone over if there were any dust bunnies anywhere in the house. Now I don’t care, I just try to have the main parts of the house cleaned up, I close doors if a room is messy, and I make sure the house smells good!

3. Next, prep a drink station! I love setting out a bunch of drinks or some type of pre-made beverage in a dispenser where guests can serve themselves. This way, you aren’t stuck playing hostess and filling guests’ cups all day or night and guests can grab or make whatever they like! But, also be sure to set out water! I can’t tell you how many parties I’ve been to where there was no water readily available (weddings are particularly bad about this before the ceremonies). It’s one of my pet peeves, so now I make sure to set out water for every party, gathering, or get-together! How to Host a Party with Confidence // Salty Canary How to Host a Party with Confidence // Salty Canary 4. Next, plan a menu that allows you to spend less time cooking and cleaning and more time talking and laughing! Like milk and donuts! Ok, I have served donuts at several parties, but more seriously, you can plan to serve anything that can be prepped ahead of time and served cold or baked in the oven where you can sort of cook it and forget it until it’s ready. How to Host a Party with Confidence // Salty CanaryHow to Host a Party with Confidence // Salty Canary5. And, last but not least, try to remember to enjoy the party yourself! Don’t get too caught up in hosting that you don’t enjoy your own food, drinks, and the company of friends and family! I’ve often had to remind my husband to stop crushing ice for drinks or to stop cooking food and get out of the kitchen and enjoy the time with friends and family! How to Host a Party with Confidence // Salty Canary How to Host a Party with Confidence // Salty Canary


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