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Samoa Girl Scout Cookie Milkshake Recipe

This Samoa Girl Scout Cookie Milkshake Recipe is made using delicious Samoa Girl Scout Cookies! With caramel, chocolate and some toasted coconut, it’s the perfect way to enjoy some milk and cookies!    Samoa Cookie Milkshake Recipe It’s Girl Scout Cookie season! If a Girl Scout comes to your door or won’t let you leave more »

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Melted Olaf Snowman Milkshake Recipe – Frozen Movie

Do you or your kids LOVE all things Frozen? Make some Melted Olaf Snowman Milkshakes for your next Frozen movie night or Frozen party! They’re simple vanilla milkshakes decorated to look like Olaf melted inside and each includes an entire REAL carrot for his nose!  Our best purchase so far during the pandemic has been more »

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Butterfinger Milkshake Recipe

If you love the crispity, crunchity, peanut-buttery taste of Butterfinger, then you’ll love this Butterfinger Milkshake Recipe! It’s vanilla ice cream, milk, peanut butter, and Butterfinger blended together and then topped with homemade whipped cream and two Butterfinger Fun Size bars. Creamy peanut butter spread on the rims of the glasses and rolled in chopped more »

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Hostess Cupcake Milkshake Recipe

I’ve made a lot of over-the-top milkshakes the past few years, but this one totally takes the cake! It’s a chocolate Hostess Cupcake Milkshake made with a Hostess Cupcake and topped with a Hostess Cupcake Milkshake with the straw going straight through it!     Hostess Cupcake Milkshake Recipe These over-the-top milkshakes or freakshakes are more »

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Waffle & Bacon Breakfast Milkshakes

What’s better than breakfast for breakfast? Dessert for breakfast! Or how about a combination of breakfast and dessert with these Waffle & Bacon Breakfast Milkshakes? It’s like one of those expensive all-you-can-eat buffets with the Belgian Waffle station, but in drink form as a maple milkshake topped with mini waffles, a slice of candied bacon, a more »

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Cookie Milkshakes Roundup

My delicious cookie milkshakes are an over-the-top twist on regular ol’ cookies and milk! I make all sorts of over-the-top milkshakes with donuts, pies, breakfast treats, etc. on my blog, but these cookie milkshakes are some of my favorite! Circus Animal Cookie Milkshakes: First up? My colorful, whimsical Circus Animal Cookie Milkshakes! They are vanilla milkshakes more »

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