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About Salty Canary

Salty Canary is a creative lifestyle blog with a focus on home and family, food recipes, easy and fun DIYs, travel, holidays, and more. If you love weekend trips exploring California, over-the-top decadent milkshakes, and taste testing any and all donuts, you’ll feel right at home here. 

Salty Canary has partnered with several brands including Cricut, Lovevery, World Market, Stella Artois, Water Wipes, Butterfinger, Farmer John, Pocky, RITZ, Yoplait, and more!

The site has been featured in several various print and online publications including Food Network, Domino, Elle, Better Homes & Gardens, The Huffington Post, Apartment Therapy, Country Living, Oprah Daily, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Taste of Home, and more!

Curious about the name? 

I rebranded from the name “Legal Miss Sunshine” in 2016. I went with “canary” because I love the look and idea of birds – I love to decorate with birds, bird prints, etc. and I even named my daughter after a bird!  A canary is a little yellow bird and as a blonde, I can identify with a canary. It’s also a songbird, and while I can’t sing, I love karaoke! 

I’m also known to not sugarcoat. I will tell it like it is. Plus, I curse like a sailor. A very, very salty sailor. And I absolutely love salty foods. 

And that’s how Salty Canary came to be. Think of it as a little blonde bird that curses a lot and eats salty foods!

About Andrea

Hi! I’m Andrea! 

I discovered my love for photography while in high school after taking some photography classes at the local community college and spending hours and hours in the dark room. After college at UC Santa Cruz (banana slugs!), I spent some time in Paris where I ate an eclair and a baguette every single day. I then worked at an advertising agency where I met my husband. But it was several years before we started dating. In those years between, I moved to Melbourne, Australia and then moved back to Los Angeles and attended law school. 

After law school, my husband and I got married and I simply could not bring myself to send out my resume to any law firms. I could no longer work for a boss. While I was trying to figure out what to do, I started a blog. I traveled around visiting donut shops and making unique recipes. And then Food Network contacted me and I started creating content and recipes for Food Network. I continued blogging, my husband and I purchased a fixer upper in Los Angeles, and we went through infertility treatments to get pregnant with our twins. 2 years later, our youngest came along during the pandemic. 

Now, my days consist of preschool drop-off, changing diapers, making snacks, and a never ending pile of dirty dishes. In between loads of laundry, I try to share my recipes, vacations, parties, and any other tips and tricks that help me get through the day-to-day life of raising three toddlers, all in the hopes that it will inspire you, too! 

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