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5 Ways to Drink More Water

Last year, I signed up for a nutrition program which taught me how to eat and drink better and I learned exactly how much water I should be drinking a day – around 80 oz. At the time, I was lucky if I was drinking 16 oz. Shocking, I know. So when I started to try to drink 80 oz. per day, I needed a few tricks to remind me to keep drinking throughout the day and I’m sharing my “5 Ways to Drink More Water” below. 5 Ways to Drink More Water // Salty Canary1. Large framed calendar under glass and a dry erase marker

I like to use a large yearly calendar framed under glass and a dry erase marker to tick off everyday that I’ve exercised, ate healthy, and drank all my water. It helps with my consistency and helps keep me going throughout the year. 5 Ways to Drink More Water // Salty Canary2.Small daily dry erase chart

Or you can try a daily or weekly chart, which could be especially helpful if the entire family is trying to keep track. 5 Ways to Drink More Water // Salty Canary3. Water app reminders on phone

But as for daily reminders to help you increase your daily intake, there are free water apps where you can fill up your entire body with water or empty each glass of water you drink5 Ways to Drink More Water // Salty Canary4. Setting timers on the phone

But what really helped me was setting timers on my phone. I would fill up my water bottle and I would need to drink 1 bottle by 11am, the 2nd bottle by 1:30pm, the next by 3:30pm etc. until I met my 80 oz. quota. 5 Ways to Drink More Water // Salty Canary5. Colorful rubberbands on the bottle

But if you work somewhere where you can’t have your phone going off with alarms throughout the day, you can also use rubber bands! Simply remove one each time you finish each bottle of water until you take them all off. So for my bottle which holds 24 oz., I put 4 rubber bands on the bottle. I used colorful rubber bands because sometimes life needs more color! 5 Ways to Drink More Water // Salty Canary


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Kara Miller

Monday 10th of April 2017

I love all of these wonderful ideas for staying hydrated #OnTheGoWithContigo! #client

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