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A Perfect Hostess Gift!

This post has been sponsored by Layer Cake wines. All thoughts and opinions are my own. To be enjoyed by those 21 years of age or older.

I was taught to never show up to a party empty-handed. Although, I will say that having twins will challenge this. That’s why I’m prepping for the holiday season and putting together some hostess gifts ahead of time so I can just grab and go when we have party plans! My go-to perfect hostess gift for holiday dinners and parties? A delicious bottle of wine paired with a set of gorgeous napkins and fancied up with a modern wreath or some sprigs of rosemary! I feel like it’s my little toast to the host along with some napkins to clean up any mess I leave behind! Ha!
TThis year, I’ll be gifting various varietals of Layer Cake wines—including this Malbec which has tasting hints of blackberries, chocolate sauce and … bacon! Um, yes please! I’ll also be gifting Layer Cake’s Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bourbon Barrel Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Primitivo, and Chardonnay because Layer Cake offers rich tasting, full bodied, complex, and expertly made wines that bring the classical, varietal styles of the world’s most iconic regions within reach.

I simply took a set of four beautiful folded dinner napkins and tied them to the bottle of wine with some baking twine along with a couple of tags (so I can write something witty or punny). When I prep for the party or get-together, I’ll add a spring of rosemary or a rosemary wreath to the bottle to make it a little more festive for the holidays!

If you want to completely wrap the bottle, you can always wrap the bottle of wine in a tea towel and tie it with a beautiful bow. However, if you want your hostess to see the wine label or type of wine and you want to give a gift that’s a little bit different and hasn’t been done before, then go with the napkins!
Or if you don’t have the budget for napkins or a tea towel, you can always quickly make a rosemary wreath to drape on the wine bottle! You just need some wire, rosemary, and ribbon! Here are a few examples:

It was really easy for me to sit down for about 30 minutes and wrap some wine so it’s all ready to just grab and go for any upcoming holiday parties! I put together 5 bottles of wine paired with napkins or tea towels, and I’ll simply just add some greenery the day of each party.

These also make great gifts for foodie friends, neighbors, or coworkers!

And yes, I opened a couple of bottles and we sipped the wines while I was prepping them! I’m a white wine lady, and the Chardonnay was delicious (I paired it with some popcorn as an afternoon snack), while my husband sampled the Shiraz which he loved!

Here’s a bit more information about each Layer Cake varietal (or get more info on their website!):

  • Layer Cake Cabernet Sauvignon: shows ripe plum fruit with a long coffee chocolate finish.
  • Layer Cake Malbec: big, brooding with black fruit, then rich earth, truffles, and dark cocoa at the front.
  • Layer Cake Pinot Noir: notes of raspberry, pomegranate, and cranberry makes this Pinot Noir great for gifting during the holidays!
  • Layer Cake Shiraz: cocoa, warm spice, dark fruit, hints of dark, creamy chocolate ganache.
  • Layer Cake Primitivo: this red wine works amazingly well with spicy foods!
  • Layer Cake Chardonnay: hints of Meyer lemons, wet stones, and lime blossoms!

Were you also taught to never show up empty-handed? What’s your go-to host or hostess gift? Let me know in a comment!


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