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Mural Tour of Austin

Aside from the bats, booze, and BBQ of Austin, the city also has a lot of murals. A LOT. Here are just a few that we saw.

You’re My Butter Half: This one was probably my favorite. It was so bright and colorful with a cheerful message.

Address: 2000 E. MLK Blvd., Austin, TX You're My Butter Half MuralYou're My Butter HalfYou're My Butter Half MuralYou're My Butter Half MuralMy Butter Half does NOT like taking photos. Or he doesn’t like me taking our selfie because I take so many photos until I get it right (because I usually chop his head off.)My Butter Half

Til Death Do Us Part: Are you sensing a theme?

Address: 5th St. and Congress, Austin, TXTil Death Do Us PartAustin MuralsTil Death Do Us Part Austin MuralTil Death Do Us Part Austin Mural

I Love You So Much: This one has a backstory. The “artist”, Amy, wrote this love letter on the wall of Jo’s Hot Coffee for the owner, her then-girlfriend in an effort to make her smile. The wall was vandalized in 2011, but the love letter was rewritten.

Address: 1300 S. Congress Ave., Austin, TXI Love You So Much Mural, Austin, TexasI Love You So Much Austin Mural

This Is Not a Test. I like that the barbershop calls a ladies’ haircut The Ladybird after the first lady, Ladybird Johnson. The nearby lake in Austin is also named after her, Ladybird Lake.

Address: 1902 S. Congress Ave., Austin, TX. Painted on the side of Bird’s Barbershop.Austin MuralsAustin TV Mural

Amy’s Ice Creams: Zany characters cover the walls of Amy’s Ice Creams.

Address: 1301 S. Congress Ave, Austin, TX. Just across the street from Jo’s Hot Coffee.

Amy's Ice Cream, Austin, Tx

Keep Austin Imperial: Sorry, I don’t have an address for this one. I was looking for the “I Hate You So Much” parody mural of the “I Love You So Much” mural when we stumbled across this one. I like the Walking Dead writing, too! Don’t Open Dead Inside!Keep Austin Imperial Mural

Living the Goodlife in Austin: I don’t have the address for this one either, but if I can remember correctly, it is near Rainey Street. Austin Goodlife

Greetings from Austin: I love a vintage postcard, even when painted on the side of a wall.

Address: 1720 S. 1st. St., Austin, TX (painted on the side of Roadside Relics.)Austin, TexasGreeting's from AustinAustin Postcard MuralDo you have a favorite?


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Marcela Espindola

Saturday 25th of June 2016

omg i NEED to know where the "keep austin imperial" one is!!!


Monday 27th of April 2015

I'm jetting off to Austin at the beginning of June and so hope I stumble upon some of these murals. Anywhere I just shouldn't miss when I'm in town?


Tuesday 28th of April 2015

Vanessa, I hope you have a great time! I would say don't miss the bats and some good BBQ. If you want to wait around at Franklins at like 8am for BBQ, do so as they serve beer in line (so I've heard), but if you don't want to wait around and have a car, go to Salt Creek BBQ, the food is just as good and you can go at like 11:30 and not worry about missing out. And plan out your food a bit. I felt that so many places closed early (when they run out of food or when they have a private show) or weren't open certain days and I should have planned better. Did you see my other blog post on Austin? The link is just below my comment, check it out!

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