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Route 66: What to Pack

Planning a Route 66 road trip? Below is my packing guide. If you have a question about what to bring, or what not to bring, ask me in the comments!

Route 66 Road Trip What to Pack


1. Ok well, it isn’t something to pack, but let’s start off with something to buy. I found a ton of vintage postcards in antique stores along the route. They are perfect to send to friends/family or keep as a keepsake souvenir.

2. A jacket. Even though you’re driving through the desert, it is going to get cold!

3. The EZ66 GUIDE is like the one thing you need to pack. Your toothbrush? Who cares. But pack this book!

4. And extension cord/outlets. Some of these motels/hotels either don’t have enough plugs to charge your phone, your kindle, your camera battery, etc. Or sometimes the plugs are located in places that just suck. An extension cord could be a lifesaver.

5. Sunscreen. The tops of my feet, my hands/lower arms, and my neck are all now darker than the rest of my see-through self. And I used sunscreen.

6. Driving west everyday can be a bitch on the eyeballs. Protect them.

7. Because who doesn’t need a unicorn mark?

8. It’s hot. Wear shorts.

9. A film camera. Perfect for some snapshots to include in a travel journal.

10. Something that plays music to play your perfect road trip playlist.

11. I don’t know how many millions of bugs we killed, but it was a lot. And those window washers at the gas station aren’t cutting it.

12. Shit. I mis-numbered.

13. Pack light. I mean it. I think my husband wanted to kill me every time he lifted my suitcase into or out of the back of the car. 36 times.

14. Bring a book. I only made it through 1 book because there is just too much sight-seeing, plus I liked keeping a travel journal. But I finished this book, and it is a cute, summer read. I picked it up because I loved the cover. Luckily it also had a great story. Have you read it? What are you reading?

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