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Spooky Halloween Milkshakes

I love Halloween and I love making milkshakes, so Spooky Halloween Milkshakes were just a matter of time! Spooky Halloween Milkshakes - The Poisoned Apple // Salty Canary You can check out the other milkshakes on including my Gravedigger Milkshake, Witches’ Brew Milkshake, Vampire’s Kiss Milkshake, and a Mad Scientist Float. Ok, that last one isn’t technically a milkshake, but it is over-the-top! I mean, it is literally over-the-top! It overflows! Spooky Halloween Milkshakes - The Gravedigger // Salty CanarySpooky Halloween Milkshakes - The Witches' Brew // Salty CanaryAnd my favorite might be this Poisoned Apple Milkshake!Spooky Halloween Milkshakes - The Poisoned Apple // Salty CanaryCheck them out for a last minute Halloween treat!


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