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Spring Cleaning in the Bathroom

I am NOT complaining, but the weather is chilly in Los Angeles. Again, I am NOT complaining. Usually, by March, the temps are in the triple digits and it feels like summer, but this year has been amazing and it actually still feels like spring! So since it both feels like spring AND actually still is spring (at least until June 20th), I thought I would continue with the spring cleaning and tackled my bathroom. Bathroom Spring Cleaning // Salty Canary Just this last year, we renovated the small guest bathroom in our house and, after months of dust, I’ve moved back into it (because I hate sharing a bathroom with my husband), but since we moved things around in the bathroom and replaced the large sink vanity with a small sink and vanity, I’ve had to get a little creative with organization and storage. Bathroom Spring Cleaning // Salty Canary To start, the small sink and vanity has a single drawer which is tiny because of all the cut-outs for the sink plumbing. I try to keep everything in this drawer because I hate bathroom clutter. Everything includes my toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, hairbrushes, makeup, and lotions. Here’s what the before looks like, minus a lot of that stuff. Bathroom Spring Cleaning // Salty Canary It’s gross, but when we got our second cat Lucy, we thought we lost her somewhere in the house, but it turns out she crawled up the back of the sink and she would sleep in this drawer. She did this for about a week. Luckily, she’s now stopped, but the drawer needed to be cleaned out. So I vacuumed it out and picked up some little plastic containers that I could paint fun colors and fit into the drawer to make little cubbies for everything!Bathroom Spring Cleaning // Salty Canary If you want to organize your drawer and make it colorful, here’s what you need: Bathroom Spring Cleaning // Salty Canary I simply spray painted the little containers in fun, bright colors and then cleaned out that drawer with antibacterial spray before putting everything back in. Bathroom Spring Cleaning // Salty CanaryBathroom Spring Cleaning // Salty CanaryI also replaced my makeup brushes with brand new, clean makeup brushes. Spring cleaning sometimes means you need to just replace the old stuff. Bathroom Spring Cleaning // Salty CanaryAnd since I was replacing, I listened to my dentist and replaced my toothbrush with one of the electric toothbrushes. Even my mouth needed some spring cleaning!Bathroom Spring Cleaning // Salty Canary Bathroom Spring Cleaning // Salty Canary

Do you like spring cleaning? I liked that everything feels fresh and clean!


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Amy Desrosiers

Wednesday 11th of May 2016

I love those containers for storage! They are perfect for my bathroom vanity drawers as well!

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