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Valentine’s Day Books for Babies and Toddlers

We don’t do screen time with the twins (no judgement if you do, I just don’t like how Hank acts around screens, Wren is scared of Sesame Street, plus we mostly play in their room or their play room which don’t have TVs, so I’m just waiting a bit longer until they’re older), so my usual means of entertaining them is with books in their nursery or their play room, and WOW do I get bored with the books pretty quickly, so I like to introduce a few new books each season or holiday and, yes, I know that the new books are mostly for me, not the twins. But, I mean, just how many times can I read Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You or Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb and not lose my mind? The kids love those books, I have them memorized, but I needed something new, so I added a few Valentine’s Day Books to their little library! Valentine's Day Books for Babies and Toddlers // Salty CanaryI’m not strict super strict on this “Valentine’s Day” theme, and I’ve included books about love, friendship, Paris, and even tacos! Because who doesn’t love tacos? Also, books that are overwhelmingly pink are acceptable within my theme! Some are board books (I’ve indicated that next to the titles below in case you have destructive little book readers like I do) and some have paper pages which stay on the higher shelves and are only read to one kiddo at a time or I read them while the twins eat and can’t touch or rip the pages.

Valentine's Day Books for Babies and Toddlers // Salty CanaryAnd just like my Christmas/Hanukkah themed books, you won’t find any Pout Pout Fish, Llama Llama, Blue Truck, or Susan Boyton books here because to be honest I personally don’t like the illustrations and I don’t want to look at them everyday.Valentine's Day Books for Babies and Toddlers // Salty Canary


1-2-3, You Love Me // (Board Book) Super cute book with super cute illustrations!

Love You, Baby // (Indestructible Book) Have you seen indestructible books? They aren’t board books and they aren’t made of paper, so they don’t tear, BUT they do get wrinkled and rolled up. So, they are a bit destructible. But they are super lightweight, so these books are perfect for throwing into a diaper bag and the babies love waving them around and read them.

L is for Love // (Board Book) We LOVE all of these alphabet books from Greg Paprocki and Baby Lit! We have the Halloween B is for Boo book, the Christmas S is for Santa, as well as the Midcentury A is for Atom, and J is for Jazz. And I’ve already gone ahead and gotten E is for Easter as well.

Bagel in Love // This one might be my favorite. Super, super cute illustrations. It’s a book about food, namely breakfasts and desserts, and has a lot of puns. I’ll edit this and add a few peeks at some of the pages. Valentine's Day Books for Babies and Toddlers // Salty Canary


Romeo & Juliet // (Board Book) We love all the Baby Lit books! Other titles that might work for Valentine’s Day include Pride & Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Emma.

Paris: A Book of Shapes // (Board Book) I love Paris, I can’t wait to take the babies to Paris someday, Paris is the city of love, so therefore, it’s a Valentine’s Day book! Cute book about shapes with lovely illustrations.

Love Is // A girl and her duck. Wonderful story!

Tacos: An Interactive Recipe Book // (Board Book) Have you seen these books before? They’re like flap books, but more involved. The book walks through the recipe of making tacos from ingredients and equipment needed to enjoying a delicious taco at the end.

Cookies: An Interactive Recipe Book // (Board Book) Same as the taco book, but for cookies. The babies might be a bit too young for these books – Hank gets really into them and he gets mad if I don’t help him with all the moving parts, but at least I know they like them! We also have the Pancake version and the Pizza version.

The Pink Umbrella // This book is absolutely darling! I love the illustrations. And, I was sold when I read the description on Amazon “If you like Amelie ….”  Yes, I do, thank you!

Flora and the Flamingo // We got this book as a gift for the babies after they were born and it’s so cute! It’s a paper book, so it’s still up on the top shelf, but eventually it’ll come down when I have hope it won’t be destroyed by my two book lovers.

This is Paris // Same as above.

Guess How Much I Love You // (Board Book) I honestly haven’t been able to read this book – the paragraphs are too long and the babies flip the pages too quickly. But it’s two bunnies guessing how much they love each other.

Where’s the Unicorn? // (Board Book) Another gift because I probably would not have purchased this book since it’s a felt hide-a-flap and I would have thought they would yank the felt flaps off. But no, they LOVE this book! It’s a current favorite. Pretty much all day I’m saying, “Where’s the unicorn!?” “Where’s the mermaid?” “Where’s the fairy?”

Dragons Love Tacos // Another gift. I figured it’s a Valentine’s Day book because it’s a book about love. The love for tacos!

Babies Love Valentines: Lift-a-Flap Book // (Board Book) The twins love these lift-a-flap style books!

Robot in Love // Hank is currently obsessed with this one!

10 Little Kisses // This one isn’t included in any of the photos because I bought it after I originally posted this, but this one is THE FAVORITE! Hank loves pointing to the piggies and Wren loves pointing to the kitties!

Here are some other books that I wasn’t so in love in (pun intended) but you might be or I’ll be getting them next year once the babies are a bit older, so I thought I would just go ahead and include them:

Valentine's Day Books for Babies and Toddlers // Salty Canary



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Nikki Sanders

Friday 8th of February 2019

We have those same shelves in our baby's playroom! :D The bagel book looks fun, and of course anything with dragons. I guess I need to pick some of these up for next week!

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