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DIY Pizza-Themed Party Favors in Cute Pizza Boxes

As the mother of energetic 6-year-old twins, planning the perfect party is both a joy and a challenge. This year, we decided to host the celebration at Chuck E. Cheese’s. I had a party at Chuck E. Cheese’s as a kid and I’m excited to have my kids experience a Chuck E. Cheese’s party as well! To add an extra sprinkle of excitement, I’ve taken on the task of creating our own party favors instead of purchasing the goodie bags from the Chuck E. Cheese’s party package. Keep reading as I share the details of the unique Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza-inspired party favors I put together for my twins’ special day.

DIY Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza-Themed Party Favors in Pizza Boxes

First, I thought about the theme. Rats? Um … no. Pizza? Yes! So then I thought it would be super cute to give out the favors in pizza boxes instead of the usual bags. And then I was inspired by Chuck E. Cheese’s name to create stickers that read “Good E. Bags” to make it a bit more obvious that they weren’t leftovers to take home.

I looked on the usual websites to see what sort of pizza party favors they may have and I found a few items. Since my twins are both boy and girl and they invited both boys and girls to their party, I wanted to make sure there was something in the goodie bags for everyone. I also like to include a mix of toys, snacks, and treats.

Mini Pizza Sticker Scenes

The first thing I found were these mini pizza sticker scenes. Each child will receive a blank cheese pizza along with some sticker toppings so they can create their own pizza. They fit perfectly into the bottom of the pizza boxes and make it look like there is a little pizza in the box.

Pizza Bead Necklaces

Adding a touch of fashion to the mix, I found these pizza bead necklaces that come adorned with quirky pizza sayings including “Home Slice” and “In Pizza We Crust.”

Foldable Pizza Toss Flying Disc

For some outdoor fun at home, I grabbed these awesome foldable pizza flying discs. I really like these because they fold up small and can be kept in a car, purse, or kid bag to break out at a park for an impromptu frisbee sesh or when needed to relieve boredom or pass some time.

Pizza Gummies

My twins love gummy candy, so I had to include a couple of pizza gummies in each “bag.” 

Pizza-Flavored Snacks

And last but not least, I saw these Pizza Party snacks while wandering the aisles at Target and added them to the mix. I like to include a snack in the bag just in case someone is going somewhere else after the party or has a long drive home (I mean, it’s LA, there’s always traffic!).

Note: I don’t like to include a ton of cheap toys or plastic in my goody bags. That said, these goodie bags still have what I consider to be cheap toys and generate waste, but they have fewer cheap toys and plastic than the official Chuck E. Cheese’s party favors, so I’m considering it a win.

Planning pizza-themed goodie bags for my twins’ Chuck. E Cheese’s birthday party was fun! As the big day approaches, I can’t wait to see the smiles on the kids’ faces as they receive these unique and memorable tokens of fun. Here’s to a pizza-filled celebration that will be cherished by my twins and their friends for years to come!

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