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DIY Cricut Flamingo Walker Cake or Cupcake Topper

How cute is this Flamingo Walker Cake or Cupcake Topper? It’s a perfect DIY cake topper for the summer months! Wouldn’t you love to take a “flamboyance” of flamingos for a walk on leashes like walking a bunch of dogs? Well, it’s probably hard to do in person, but this DIY Cricut Flamingo Walker Cake or Cupcake Topper is easy to make, keep reading for the full tutorial and free SVG file downloads.

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How to Make a Flamingo Walker Cake Topper with a Cricut

This cake topper would be great for either a sheet cake or a set of cupcakes. Obviously, you can choose your own colors, but I went with pink (of course, because flamingos!) and turquoise. 

You’ll need a few supplies to get started:

DIY Cricut Flamingo Walker Cake or Cupcake Topper Supplies:

The SVG files look jagged on Google Drive, but once you download the actual SVG file, the edges are smooth.

DIY Cricut Flamingo Walker Cake or Cupcake Topper Instructions:

Step 1:

In Cricut Design Space, simply start a new project, then click “Upload Image”, click “Vector Upload”, browse and choose your downloaded skeleton flamingo files, and click “Save Image”. Repeat the steps to upload the second flamingo. The two flamingos will then be at the bottom of your screen, click on both of them, giving both a green checkmark, and click “Insert Images.” Then, click “Insert Image” and search Cricut Design Space for “walker” which will yield the file of the girl. Make sure you switch her file to “Cut” instead of “Print.”

Step 2: 

Remember how I said these are SVG files? Well, you can make them any size you would like. 4×6? Done. 5×7? Boom! 10×12? Okay! The only limitation is your Cricut mat. So go ahead and scale the flamingos to the size you want them to be.

Step 3:

Once you have the images at the sizes you want, copy and paste the different flamingos until you have the amount that you want, then click the green GO button and follow the instructions to load the mat and then let the Cricut do all your dirty work cutting!

Step 4: 

Once the Cricut is done, remove the mat from the machine and CAREFULLY remove the paper from the mat. Be VERY careful around the neck and leg areas as the paper gets a little thin there. Use the Cricut Weeder tool if you need to in order to get under the paper and help it off the mat.

Step 5:

Glue the 2 different sections of the girl together (her body and her dress). Attach toothpicks or small dowels with tacky glue to the girl’s feet and the flamingos’ feet and let dry. 

Step 6:

Stick the cake toppers in the top of your cake or cupcakes!

Step 7:

Carefully attach the flamingo “leashes” by tying embroidery floss around the flamingos’ necks and attaching them to the girl’s hands with glue and a bit of patience.

And that’s it! How cute, right?

I also made another cake topper using the words “Let’s Flamingle” and added some of the same flamingos. I would probably use a different font if I made it again. That “L” looks like a “Y” and reads as “Yets Flamingle.” Oh well. 


And, if you love these flamingo cake toppers, be sure to save my Skeleton Flamingo Cake Toppers to your Halloween Pinterest Board so you can make them in October!

Use your Cricut to cut out these Skeleton Flamingo Cake Toppers for your Halloween party! // Salty Canary

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions making this cake topper!

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