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Free Printable // Watermelon Ice Cream

Have you ever come across those vintage Soovia Janis recipe prints or Andy Warhol’s recipe illustrations? I don’t know what it is about illustrated recipes, but I LOVE them! So, I was really excited to collaborate with Isabela Humphrey of La Lu Isa Illustrations. She reached out to me to see if we could collaborate on something and I immediately thought of recipe prints for the kitchen and she created this beautiful, illustrated recipe printable of my Watermelon Ice Cream. Free Print of Watermelon Ice Cream Recipe // Salty CanaryIsabela has an ice cream maker, so she tested out the Watermelon Ice Cream recipe when I sent it to her. Here’s what she had to say about the ice cream:

“I loved the recipe! It was the perfect treat for the summer time. It had just the right amount of watermelon and wasn’t too sweet or heavy! I would 10/10 make it again for friends and family!”

And how cute does this recipe print look framed in the kitchen? Free Print of Watermelon Ice Cream Recipe // Salty CanaryYou can get the free printable download HERE. It is sized to a 11 x 17 or you can print it as an 8.5 x 11.Free Print of Watermelon Ice Cream Recipe // Salty CanaryAnd if you love Isabela’s illustration, you should check her out on Etsy or Instagram. Need any invitations, posters, prints, or custom cards? Isabela can do it! Reach out to her to see what she can design for you. I’m still deciding the theme for the twins’ first birthday, but once I’ve figured it out, I’m giving her a call.

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