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12 Gifts for the Ice Cream Lover

Do you have a friend or family member who absolutely LOVES ice cream? I love making homemade ice cream and my in-laws are HUGE ice cream lovers, so I put together this fun, little gift guide with items so that your favorite ice cream lover can make delicious ice cream at home!


1. Giant Ice Cream Lamp // These giant ice cream cones are LAMPS and they are over 2 feet tall! Available in Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry! I need the Strawberry one!

2. Whipped Cream Dispenser // If you like making homemade ice cream, then you need to also start making homemade whipped cream for ice cream sundaes!

3. Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker // This is the ice cream maker that I use to make all of my delicious, homemade, extra creamy ice cream! You DON’T need the more expensive machine, this one is the best! And it’s available in PINK!

4. Ice Cream Bowls and Spoons in an Ice Cream Truck // Throwing an ice cream party? This little ice cream truck full of cups and spoons is so cute! Everything from Meri Meri is beautifully designed and will add some cuteness to your party!

5. Ice Cream Neon Light // Neon lights are HOT right now and this Ice Cream Neon would look so cute in a kitchen or home office!

6. Paint by Number Kit // I absolutely LOVE these Paint By Number Kits! Have you tried adult coloring books as a means of meditation? This is very similar, but instead, you get a kitschy paint by number post card in the end that you can mail to a friend!

7. Ice Cream Toppings // Sometimes you just need some gourmet toppings! These look delicious!

8. Ice Cream Bowls // These bowls are perfect for a few scoops of ice cream and look great when displayed on open shelving in the kitchen. Multiple colors available.

9. Pink Apron // If you have someone who loves cooking and baking or ice cream making in the kitchen, then they probably need a new apron and this bright pink one is amazin!

10. Ice Cream Scoop // You have to have a good ice cream scoop! These are kind of fun – it’s like a mystery to see which color you get!

11. Sprinkles // You’ve GOT to have some fancy sprinkles for your homemade ice cream and the sprinkles from Sweetapolita are the best!

12. Ice Cream Maker // I don’t personally own this ice cream maker, but if you’re looking for something with more of a retro look, then I would definitely try it out!

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