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Our Silly Holiday Stocking Stuffer Tradition

Do you have any Christmas traditions? We have a Silly Holiday Stocking Stuffer Tradition involving dish scrubbing brushes and Christmas stockings!Holiday Stocking Stuffer Traditions // Salty CanaryWhen I was a kid, my dad “gifted” my mom a dish scrubber for Christmas. He wrapped it up and stuck it in my mom’s stocking! The next year, he did the same thing, but my mom found it before Christmas and moved it into HIS stocking. The next year after that, my dad found it in his stocking and moved it into MINE! And then the next year, my mom bought two and stuck them in BOTH of our stockings and said that whoever ended up with it on Christmas morning had to do the Christmas dinner dishes! The next year it became “dishes for the rest of the year”, and then “dishes for all of the next year”, etc., etc., etc. Holiday Stocking Stuffer Traditions // Salty CanaryHoliday Stocking Stuffer Traditions // Salty CanarySince then, my little family has grown to include my husband and kiddos and we celebrate Christmas day by opening presents, watching movies, and eating dinner with me, my husband, my mom, and my husband’s parents, and the kiddos and I carry on the tradition by putting a brush of some sort in everyone’s stockings. I’m sure the first year that my husband celebrated Christmas with me and my mom, he thought we were crazy, and I’m sure my in-laws thought the same their first year with us … but it’s tradition! And you don’t break tradition! Holiday Stocking Stuffer Traditions // Salty Canary

With the twin babies, I’ll keep up the tradition but do toothbrushes, although, to be honest, they would probably LOVE dish scrubbers! They love playing with soap and water in the sink in the kitchen!

Oh! And I just got a great idea! I might have to start up a NEW tradition and put a kitty litter pooper scooper in my husband’s stocking! He complains that he has to scoop the litter because I’m pregnant and I’m sure that over the next few years, it will turn into the same silly rule as the dish scrubber – whoever gets the pooper scooper has to scoop the poop for the following year!Holiday Stocking Stuffer Traditions // Salty Canary

Do you have any Silly Holiday Stocking Stuffer Traditions?

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Jennifer Priest

Monday 4th of December 2017

Saw this on twitter and the title was so cute, I had to check it out!!! Such a fun sets of traditions ... love these stories.

David @ Spiced

Wednesday 29th of November 2017

What a fun (and yes, strange!) Christmas stocking tradition! Although I have to admit that it's pretty awesome...and the "punishment" of doing Christmas dinner dishes would certainly be inspiration enough to keep that scrubber moving right along. Haha! Thanks so much for sharing, and thanks for the heads up on the awesome stocking stuffers at the 99! #client