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Heart Eyes Valentine’s Day Cards

Several years ago, I quit sending Christmas cards. I just could not ever get my shit together during the busy holiday season to make sure we had family photos, then take the time to pick out or design the cards, order them, address and stamp them, etc. It was too much! And then I read about how Julia Child couldn’t get her shit together either (she was probably too busy making duck confit or a soufflé or something) and so instead, she and her husband would send Valentine’s Day cards every year. I loved the idea so I started sending Valentine’s Day cards, too! Here’s this year’s Heart Eyes Valentine’s Day Cards!

I’m still a little annoyed with myself for not sending out cards last year. I wanted to do a “Little Stinker” or “Love Bug” theme and dress up the twins as skunks or bugs … but I just never got around to it. I blame it on #twinmomlife. (Luckily, I just used the skunk costumes for Halloween.) So this year, I went the easy way and simply bought a handful of heart sunglasses, some red or heart-themed shirts/sweaters, and hired our good friend Ilene of Ilene Squires Photography to take our photos and just get it done!

Here’s a few of the photos that may or may not have made it into the card. There were just too many good photos, so I have to share!

And yes, Baby #3 got his own mini pair of heart “sunglasses.” 

These two!! They give me all the heart eyes!

Side note: it’s almost impossible to get two year olds to wear sunglasses and then look at the camera at the same time. Here’s the best we got. 

Look at those lips!! He has got quite a pucker!

This man makes me laugh. Showing off his “bump.”

Maybe next year I’ll attempt the Julia Child in the bathtub Valentine’s Day cards, but with Hank, Wren, and Baby #3, NOT me and Ken. Don’t worry! Wish me luck! 

Family portrait photos by Ilene Squires Photography.

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Elise Laney

Friday 21st of February 2020

Such a cute idea! - I love seeing your sweet family.

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