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Talk Derby To Me Kentucky Derby Party

I realize that Mint Juleps are THE drink to have at the Kentucky Derby, but I’m not gonna lie, I hate them. I made my Mint Julep mistake while visiting New Orleans. I ordered a Mint Julep thinking, “Well, I like the ones at Disneyland!” That was dumb. The ones at Disneyland have no alcohol! I took one sip, slid that Mint Julep over toward my husband (who already had his own), and promptly ordered a glass of wine! So today, I’m throwing a “Talk Derby to Me” Kentucky Derby party, but my Mint Juleps are in the form of donuts and I’m serving (you guessed it!) wine! 

The Mint Julep Donuts? Amazing! So much better than the drink itself! The baked donut is a vanilla base donut mixed with lemonade and mint extract and topped with a bourbon icing glaze! You can get the recipe here

I stuck a horse on a donut because I just couldn’t help myself! And the donuts go great with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc! Donuts and wine might be one of the top reasons to be an adult! 

I realize a glass of wine doesn’t need a stir stick, but they could be useful in different colors for guests to know who’s glass belongs to who. And they’re cute, so I couldn’t help myself. 

I set up a “Decorate-Your-Own-Hat” station with wide brimmed hats, sequins, and pom-poms so guests could make their own big hat if they didn’t have one. But I also decorated some hats of my own and stuck them on the wall as decorations. 

And of course I set up some outdoor games, including a corn hole set and of course horseshoes, so guests could take their donuts and wine out to the lawn and play some games. 


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Thursday 14th of April 2016

What an amazing spread! And wine and donuts? Probably the most genius combo ever! #client

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