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Nashville City Guide, Part 1

The Mister and I loved Nashville so much during our cross country road trip, we decided to visit the city a second time during a Mid-West trip for a friend’s wedding. We hit up several of our first-time visit favorites including the Grand Ole Opry, Robert’s Western World, and Hatch Show Print, but also made sure to check out the inside of the Parthenon, Third Man Records, and several new restaurants! Keep reading below for Part One of my Nashville City Guide and stay tuned for our tips for Memphis!Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineWhere to Stay:

The first time we visited Nashville, we stayed nearby the Grand Ole Opry. For this latest visit, we wanted to stay closer to downtown Nashville, so we stayed at both the Hotel Indigo and the Downtown Nashville Sheraton Hotel. Both were very nice, but with similar price points, I would recommend the Sheraton.Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineNashville // Legal Miss SunshineWhere to Eat:

While Merchant’s isn’t on anyone’s “Must Eat” list, I have to recommend it. It’s great for location when you want to be out on Broadway, but don’t want to eat BBQ or a fried bologna sandwich. And both times we’ve eaten there, the food has been excellent!Merchants // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineMerchants // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshinePharmacy is on everyone’s list for a good burger, and while the burger was good, it didn’t blow me away. However, the atmosphere on the back patio is great and the men loved the selection of sausages.Pharmacie // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineI didn’t originally have Mas Tacos on my list because I don’t trust Mexican food in a state that doesn’t border Mexico, but since it’s on everyone else’s list (and because I was afraid of getting sick of burgers) we went anyway! And I have to say, I was impressed. The taco was tasty, but I have to warn you, if you don’t eat spicy food, beware, as my beef taco was really fucking hot!Mas Tacos // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineMas Tacos // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineMas Tacos // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineAnd last, but certainly not least is the fried bologna sandwich at Robert’s Western World. For just $5 you can get a sandwich with chips and a PBR. I opted for the classier hot dog, chips, and a glass of cheap wine. For about $25, we both had dinner and tipped the band!Robert's Western World // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineRobert's Western World // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineAnd of course I can’t forget about breakfast! While I enjoy going to Cracker Barrel for breakfast every single day that I am in a city with a Cracker Barrel (because California doesn’t have one) and having the crispy-edged pancakes, I have to recommend the Pancake Pantry or the Loveless Cafe for breakfast while in Nashville because they are both absolutely delicious!

Let’s start with the Pancake Pantry. Don’t be discouraged by the long line. It moves faster than you would think. Although we did wait for our food for about 40 minutes after we were seated, so maybe be prepared for that. But also be prepared for delicious pancakes with a heaping side of butter and hot maple syrup!Pancake Pantry // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshinePancake Pantry // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineAnd if you’re in the mood for biscuits, you have to go to the Loveless Cafe. It’s a bit further out of town (about a 30 minute drive) and the waiting list can get VERY long, so be sure to go early, like before 9 am on a weekday! But wow, what a great breakfast! The biscuits were delicious and I have to give a special shout out for the home fries!Loveless Cafe // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineLoveless Cafe // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineLoveless Cafe // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineOh, and be sure to check out the Loveless Cafe shops if you’re waiting for a table and stock up on some biscuit mix. I can’t wait to make these at home!Loveless Cafe // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineLoveless Cafe // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineLoveless Cafe // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineWhere to Shop:

I love shopping at antique stores, so I made sure to hit all of the antique malls in Nashville and just HAVE to share my favorite score and the Mister’s record find:Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineNashville // Legal Miss SunshineAnd if you love antiques, be sure to check out American Pickers’ shop Antique Archeology in the old Marathon Motors building. While the shop is overpriced, the building itself and the surrounding shops are worth the visit.Antique Archeology // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineAntique Archeology // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineAntique Archeology // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineAntique Archeology // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineAntique Archeology // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineAntique Archeology // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineInstagram is pretty awesome! I saw a photograph of the amazing Katy K Designs storefront and decided I HAD to go. And unfortunately, at the time of publication, Katy K’s is closed. But I just had to share the amazing storefront and brag that I found the most amazing vintage Merona (hello, vintage Target!) fruit skirt!Kay K Designs // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineKay K Designs // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineKaty K’s is closing because the neighborhood has become hot hipsterville and with the recent explosion of hip shops comes high rents. Within walking distance of Katy K’s is Imogene + Williea beautifully curated shop filled with beautiful things that I cannot afford and one cute cactus.Imogene + Willie // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineImogene + Willie // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineAnd then further on down the street is White’s Mercantile, a slightly more affordable collection of everything from clothing and kitchen goods to stationery and toys.White's Mercantile // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineWhite's Mercantile // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineWhite's Mercantile // Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineOh, and be sure to catch a snap in front of the I Believe in Nashville mural!Nashville // Legal Miss SunshineNot included on my shopping list are Hatch Show Print and Third Man Records, stay tuned for them in Part 2 of my Nashville City Guide which will focus on What to Do and What to See/Hear sections.


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Tuesday 30th of June 2015

Aaah! You and the husband always take the best trips! I stayed at The Hermitage hotel when I was in Nashville and it was literally THE loveliest hotel I have ever stayed at. They have a TDF men's bathroom off the hotel bar. Did you happen to hit that up? I'll check out Nashville part 2 to find out. I also managed to pop into Katy K's and walked out with the best plaid shirt. Other highlights of Nashville for me were: Hatch, Las Paletas Gourmet Popsicles, and Karen Elson's vintage shop Venus & Mars (which I think has since closed). You've really made me want to venture back!


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I am so sad that Katy K's closed! At least I got to go there once and scored that sweet skirt! You should go back! Maybe we should plan a girls weekend in Nashville!

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Never been to Nashville, tho I'd love go one day. I have the Loveless Cafe cookbook and anything I've baked out of it is delicious! Reading your blog makes me want to pull it off the shelf! I also think we should petition Cracker Barrell to come to CA! Waffle House too! I'm powerless when I see either one-- I must go and eat!!!

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