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DIY Gold Sequin Hanger

I thought it would be fun to share how to do a fun, quick DIY Gold Sequin Hanger which is perfect for when you want to show off a new or special outfit, if you lay out your next day’s clothes at night before you go to bed, or even a great budget-friendly DIY for bridesmaids or bridal dresses. DIY Sequin Clothes Hanger - Legal Miss SunshineReady to make your fancy sequin clothes hanger? You’re going to need a few items:DIY Sequin Clothes Hanger - Legal Miss SunshineDIY Sequin Clothes Hanger - Legal Miss Sunshine

  • First, I found my wooden clothes hangers at the thrift shop, but you might have some hanging in the back of your closet just waiting for a makeover. I also grabbed 12 yards of gold sequins, some tacky craft glue, gold spray paint, scissors, and some pink velvet ribbon.
  • Next, I took my wooden clothes hanger, I taped the metal hook so it wouldn’t be painted, and I spray painted the wood gold (or whatever color your sequins) just in case I miss a spot and the clothes hanger shows through. I spray painted both sides.
  • Once the hanger was dry, I took my glue and the sequins and started wrapping. I started at one side of the metal hook and tacked down the end of the sequins and then just kept gluing and wrapping in 2 inch segments until the end.
  • Then I did the other side and then the bottom rung.
  • Finally, I added a pink velvet bow as the finishing touch!
  • Once the clothes hanger was fully dry, I used it to hang up the fancy flamingo shirt I got in anticipation of new headshots. I can’t wait to do new headshots and wear the flamingo shirt and hug my huge life-size flamingo.

DIY Sequin Clothes Hanger - Legal Miss SunshineAnd I think I’m ready for my new headshots! I have my flamingo shirt, pink necklace, pink shoes, and pink lipstick! DIY Sequin Clothes Hanger - Legal Miss SunshineDIY Sequin Clothes Hanger - Legal Miss Sunshine


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Friday 1st of May 2015

Super snazzy! I used similar sequins on my hat DIY. I'll decorate a hanger with the leftovers.

David @ Spiced

Tuesday 28th of April 2015

Sounds like you are all ready for those new headshots! I love the hanger...not sure it would work in my closet, but I bet my wife would love it. Thanks for the fun idea! #client

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