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San Francisco // Alcatraz

I loved Alcatraz! The color palette is amazing! I realize it’s weird to say I loved visiting a prison, but I did. I loved the muted colors, the signs, and the history.AlcatrazAlcatrazWe visited on an off-time during the week, so we had no trouble getting tickets at the ticket booth for the next ferry, but if it’s peak season or a weekend, I would recommend booking tickets. The ferry is located at Alcatraz Landing at Pier 33, and be sure to check out the miniature Alcatraz island set up in front. (Also, please bring a jacket. My husband tried that, “I don’t think I’m going to bring a jacket …” bit and I did my best nagging wife impersonation and just said, “Bring it!” and I think he was glad he did, the wind is freezing on the island!)IMG_0636We first visited the New Industries (Laundry) Building to check out a photo exhibit, “Alcatraz: The Last Day” by Leigh Wiener. I don’t know if the exhibit is still running, but if it is, check it out.AlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazSee what I mean about the colors? I LOVE them!

Then we did the audio tour through the prison building. I don’t usually like audio tours, but this one was very well done and was narrated by several of the former guards.AlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatraz CellsAlcatrazAlcatrazAfter the audio tour, we took the Agave Trail (which isn’t always open, but if it is, go on the little walk!) back around to the dock to catch the last ferry off the island.AlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazI did not know about the Indian Occupation of the island, and could not find a lot of information about it while on the island.AlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlcatrazAlso, the gift shop has some fun finds. You can even purchase a piece of the Rock. A rock of the Rock. I don’t know how many times that day I annoyed my husband with my terrible Sean Connery accent.AlcatrazAlcatraz

And, again, I really liked all of the texture and patina and colors on the island.Alcatraz TexturesAlcatraz Wall

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Thursday 16th of October 2014

[…] peak season the line can be 3 hours long. Wow. I really loved Ellis Island. It reminded me of Alcatraz in some ways. It was an island used to hold people, and it is no longer used. They have done a lot […]

Kim E.

Wednesday 16th of April 2014

One of my favorite places to take photos. Love these photos (plus the Mr. looks nice and warm in his poofy jacket. Mrs. always right :)

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