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Baby and Toddler Bombas Socks Review

We are a Bombas family! Everyone wears Bombas socks – and now even the baby! I love that Bombas stay on my kids’ feet, they’re super colorful, and they last for years! I’m sharing my full review for the baby-sized and toddler-sized Bombas socks and I’ve included several photos so you can see the difference in size between the baby socks and toddler socks. 

When I needed some new socks for my twins, my Mother-in-Law recommended getting them Bombas socks because she liked the adult-sized Bombas so much. But I looked at the price and quickly said no. There was absolutely no way that I was going to spend that much money on socks for kids. 

So my Mother-in-Law bought a set for the kids anyway and gifted them to us. After using them, I quickly realized my mistake. These socks are amazing! They stay on the kids’ feet! They’re colorful! They’re fun! And, best of all, they’ve lasted us for over two years with only a few holes.

Bombas Baby Socks Review

When we first started buying Bombas socks for the twins, the company was not yet making the baby size, so I was excited to try out the Baby Gripper Bombas Socks with Cal, my youngest. 

At $4-$6 per pair, Bombas are not the cheapest option when it comes to socks for kids. But to me, quality in the long run is often more affordable. I purchased generic baby socks for the twins from either Amazon or Target and they were terrible. They never stayed on and I probably stopped using them. But Bombas stay on. And they’re super colorful and look cute with any outfit!

I tried the twins’ toddler-sized socks on Cal when he was around six months old, and while they fit, the  baby-sized socks fit much better. The toddler-sized ones worked to keep his feet warm, but would sometimes fall off, while the baby-sized Bombas socks fit perfectly. 

To be honest, unless you live in a very cold climate or your baby will be born during a cold winter season, I don’t know if you’ll honestly use the 0-6 month-sized Bombas socks. Babies live in footie pajamas and swaddles and sleep sacks, so my personal (I live in warm and sunny Los Angeles) opinion is that they’re a waste of money during those first 6 months. 

All of the 6-12 month-sized Bombas socks have the gripper bottoms. I highly recommend the gripper socks because they help when your baby is pulling up on everything and learning how to walk. Especially if you have hardwood floors. 

Cal is nearly 15 months old and the baby socks still fit him. They’re still in very good condition, too, so I’ll be able to hand them down to a friend with a younger baby once they no longer fit.

Bombas Toddler Socks Review

After 12-18 months, you might need to upgrade to the toddler-size socks, so I thought I would share my thoughts on those socks, too! We like the Toddler Calf Bombas socks. Here’s a photo of the difference in size between the baby and toddler socks: 

Like I said, we love Bombas socks for my twins. They started wearing them when they were a little over a year old and they’re still wearing them two and a half years later. I loved the gripper socks while they were little and running around the house shortly after learning how to walk. And now it doesn’t matter – grippers or no grippers – they’re running around in these socks all the time! 

And I love how their socks match my colorful Bombas socks!

In those 2 years, we’ve only had a few holes in six of our dozens and dozens of toddler socks. I recently emailed Bombas regarding their 100% Happiness Guarantee and I am happy to report that they do in fact make it right!

What’s the Happiness Warranty? In the words of Bombas, 

The Happiness Guarantee ensures that we will do what it takes for you to be satisfied with your Bombas, whatever it takes. If your socks don’t fit, we’ll help you return or exchange. If your shirt develops a hole, we’ll replace it. Dog chewed up your socks, we’ll replace them. Think your request is too out there to be covered by the Happiness Guarantee? Just try us.

But on top of that, they also have the Kid-Proof Guarantee which states, 

We know kids like to run through the house, do somersaults, go outside without shoes on and do long slides on the hardwood floor. If your kids scuff, tear, or just plain grow out their Bombas within a year, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll replace them or send you the next size up, free of charge.”

I emailed Bombas regarding the holes in our socks and they very quickly replied to me offering replacements under both the 100% Happiness Guarantee and the Kid-Proof Guarantee. They offered to either let me pick out replacements and they would ship out or send me a gift card for the cost of the replacements. I chose the gift card option because I wanted to buy more socks and I would rather everything ship together to reduce packaging/shipping waste. 

Sure enough, a gift card for $52 was emailed shortly after! 

October 2021 update: I recently ordered more Youth Ankle socks for my oldest boy. When I received the package, I discovered the pack of 4 pairs of socks was short 1 sock. I emailed Bombas and simply asked for a credit or gift card to cover the 1 missing sock and I would use it in the future when I needed to order more socks. They shipped me a new pack of 4 socks and said I could either keep them, donate them, give them to friends, etc. They went above and beyond to make it right! 

In addition to the toddler socks, I’ve also purchased some of the youth-sized ankle Bombas socks and the Sesame Street branded youth-sized socks because Hank, my boy twin, has really large feet! He’s three-and-a-half years old and he wears a size youth 10 in shoes.

After doing some research for this post and looking at the Bombas sizing guide, I decided to make the switch to the youth-sized ankle Bombas socks for him. He can still wear the toddler-sized socks, but they’re a tight fit and that’s probably what was causing the holes in our socks. The youth-sized ankle socks are a bit big, but once they were washed, they shrunk down a bit and I think they’re probably more comfortable on him. He just has really big feet for his age!

All-in-all, we’re really happy with our Bombas socks. If I buy a set of socks for the kids, I always save a couple pairs and put them aside for Christmas stockings or Easter baskets.

My husband and I really like the adult socks, we love the toddler socks (and now the youth socks) for the twins, and I loved the baby socks for Cal! Pretty soon he’ll start wearing the twins’ toddler socks, too! Which means I’ll need to buy more! 

Disclaimer: While I do have a Bombas-sponsored Instagram post, this blog post was NOT sponsored. The Instagram post was sponsored because I reached out to Bombas because I truly love the socks so much and wanted to spread the word! 

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I receive a small commission at NO additional cost to you. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I earn a few a few cents from the sale. I appreciate your support of Salty Canary and my family. Thank you!

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