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Boy and Girl Twins Shared Bedroom

I’m sharing our Boy and Girl Twins’ Shared Bedroom! It’s a colorful, gender-neutral space for both of them to enjoy without the stereotypical boy or girl themes. Just lots of color and shelving for books and toys to encourage reading and play.

Boy and Girl Twins Shared Bedroom

Last year, we transitioned the baby from his nursery nook in our main bedroom to the twins’ nursery and moved my boy and girl twins into a new room (the old guest room). 

Initially, we were going to move the baby into the new room (the old guest room) and switch the twins’ room into a “big kid room,” but after thinking about how the nursery was already perfectly baby proofed and how the new room has an ensuite (perfect for potty-trained preschoolers), it made more sense to move the twins into a new room. Basically, it was a lot less work for us. 

First, I bought a rug. I always start a room with the rug since the color and style is always what pulls the room together. I wanted something colorful, gender-neutral, and easily cleaned. So I went with a Ruggable. Yes, while it’s a predominantly pink rug, I consider it to be gender neutral. It has lots of blues, reds, and oranges. Plus, pink is just a color. It’s not a “girl color.” My son loves the color pink! 

Then, I picked out two beds. I went with these IKEA Minnen twin beds because they’re extendable – meaning they can be shortened for awhile and give the kids more room for play and then lengthened in a few years when they need the leg room. I will admit that they do lean a bit more “girl-y” with the little added whirly-sides, but I wanted two of the same beds that would work for a boy or a girl for several years. Plus, my daughter falls out of bed easily and I was hoping they would keep her in bed a bit better. 

Of course, we moved the Dinosaur and Donut posters that hung over their cribs and hung them over their beds. We live in earthquake country and I’m not willing to hang anything heavy or glass in their room or over their beds. You can read my post about Over the Bed Art for Earthquake Areas right here

About a month ago, Hank’s dinosaur poster’s cord snapped and fell down in the middle of the night and it just slipped behind his bed. Didn’t hurt him. Scared him a bit because it was loud, but no injuries!

We didn’t switch out the light fixture because we think this will become Wren’s room in the future and the boys will share the other room, so I don’t feel like spending the money or wasting the time switching it out. 

I switched out the curtains because grey curtains in a kids room is not … fun. Because the rug is pink, I wanted something darker and went with these jewel-tone teal velvet curtains. I guess the actual color is “Peacock Blue.” They block out the morning sunlight perfectly! 

I grabbed the “nightstand” from our family room and added the orange lamp (a Buy Nothing score) and our Hatch sound machine/night light

Since we already had an IKEA bookshelf under the window in the twins’ nursery, I knew it would work well in their room (it’s the same size/layout), but I got it in white instead of yellow so it will work for years to come. I filled it with baskets and bins and books and toys.

And I LOVE the bookshelves on the wall with some cushions and blankets under them for a little reading nook. I will probably add a couple of cozy bean bags soon.

I highly recommend these “picture ledges” as bookshelves. I have them up in the baby’s nursery, the twins’ room, as well as in our upstairs family room where I display all the seasonal books for that particular month’s holiday or season.

I also added these little IKEA play shelves for blocks, dolls, trucks, etc. to a little corner near the bathroom and it’s been a fun little play space. I still need to spray-paint the little ladders that come with them and add them onto the shelves. There’s always something to finish!

And last, but not least, I organized their closet. It took me two whole days to organize the twins’ closet and the baby’s closet, but I re-configured the Container Store Elfa shelving and hanging rods (this is what took the most time!), went through all the clothes, got rid of anything they outgrew, and organized future hand-me-downs and holiday clothes (Halloween costumes and Halloween/Christmas pajamas) so they’re easy to find/access. 

I’m lucky to be in a great Buy Nothing group and have awesome friends with older kids, so I’ve received thousands of dollars worth of clothes in great condition for the twins, but it needed to be organized and these storage boxes are AMAZING! I love that they come in different colors so I can color-code for each kid. I even purchased a few for my main closet!

The twins didn’t like their new room at first, but with the addition of the shelves, toys, and books (as well as a nightlight in the bathroom), they’ve started to love it!

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