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Where to Eat in Marfa, Texas

Trying to figure out where to eat in Marfa, Texas? There are so many delicious meals to eat in Marfa that if you’re only visiting for a few days, it can be very difficult to decide where to go! I’ve visited Marfa on a couple of multi-day trips and yet there are still so many restaurants I want to try! I’m sharing all the restaurants I’ve visited along with my own personal reviews (and photos, of course), as well as a list of all the restaurants I can’t wait to try on my next trip! 

White and turquoise wall with orange stripe outside of restaurant with "Bar de Jugos" painted above white wooden doors and bike leaning against wall.

Where to Eat in Marfa, Texas

My usual Marfa disclaimer – please check the websites, Yelps, or social media of any place you plan to go to in Marfa to make sure they are open for business, not on vacation, or by appointment only. And if you’re in town on a Monday or Tuesday, please check out my What To Do in Marfa on a Monday post to see what is open and available!

Marfa Burritos: Cash only. Matthew McConaughey is a big fan. You order through the window in the kitchen door, possibly to the owner who only speaks Spanish. Burritos are HUGE! My friend and I split one, it was good, but we definitely messed up our order and didn’t include a key ingredient in our order. We got the Egg and Potato and added cheese, so maybe we should have also added bacon? Our mistake.

If trying to decide between Marfa Burrito or Boyz 2 Men (Bad Hombres) for breakfast, I’m sorry, I can’t help you. My friend liked Marfa Burrito better … and I liked Boyz 2 Men (Bad Hombres) better. So definitely go to both and let me know your favorite in a comment below.

Roadside sign reads "Marfa Burrito" in red letters on white background in front of a beige colored house

And yes, we signed the wall. 

Sign in white with red letters reads "Marfa Burrito" affixed to a wooden fence outside a house. The house and sign are covered with black ink writing and drawings by customers over the years.

White dutch door in a wood paneled room leads to the kitchen. Cowboy hats hang above the door. To the left of the door are various cups and restaurant items as well as photos of the singer Selena. To the right of the door hangs the menu and an electric hot water container.

A burrito sliced in half on a white plate atop a table with a bottle of hot sauce and a takeout container of salsa verde behind it

Boyz II Men (aka Bad Hombres): Cash only. Most of the Yelp reviews complain about the rude service, the different pricing for tourists and locals, and how expensive it is. But, honestly, the customer service was perfectly nice and polite for me. I totally understand the different pricing for tourists vs. locals (reward your loyal, repeat customers!) and I would honestly charge more for breakfast tacos if I owned the place, so I don’t know why reviewers say it’s expensive. My friend and I both enjoyed our breakfast tacos! We got half orders (2 tacos each) and it was MORE than enough. 

I think Marfa Burrito is more popular, but I liked my breakfast tacos here better than the burrito from Marfa Burrito.

Do Your Thing Coffee: The cups are so cute, how can you not stop here? Unfortunately, the cute cups are the best part of this place. My cold brew coffee was burnt-tasting and undrinkable. My friend wasn’t highly impressed with her coffee either. Maybe it was the new barista … or maybe it was the actual coffee. The cinnamon sugar toast was good, but I’ve had better.

Other people rave about the place in online reviews, so maybe it was just an off day. 

Close-up of woman's hand holding a white paper coffee up with the logo reading "Do Your Thing" on a white circle.

Yellow table and stools outside a building with a black and white geometric mural painted on the side.

Woman holding a paper coffee cup while sitting on yellow stool at a yellow table in front of a building painted with a black and white geometric mural

Frama: The nitro cold brew was excellent! Oddly enough, the same new barista over at Do Your Thing was also working at Frama (again, so Marfa!), but since the nitro cold brew is basically just push a button and pour, he couldn’t fuck it up! Plus, they have the cutest Greetings from Marfa, Texas postcard-style mural outside. And they serve ice cream! 

Jett’s Grill: Located at the El Paisano Hotel, it’s named after James Dean’s character in the 19XX movie, Giant. The movie was filmed in Marfa and much of the cast and crew stayed at the El Paisano Hotel while it was being filmed. If you don’t eat at Jett’s Grill, I still highly recommend a stop into the El Paisano Hotel sometime during your trip to check out the hotel and the movie stills that cover the walls. Plus, the shops are great!

I’ve eaten dinner here twice (both times I had excellent service and food) and we stopped into the bar once for afternoon cocktails and appetizers to cool off. 

Pizza Foundation: I didn’t make it to Pizza Foundation on my latest trip, but I did try it back in 2014 and it was an awesome pizza! If it’s still the same, I  would recommend it and I definitely plan to stop for pizza next time! There’s just so many great restaurants and not enough meal times in the day.

Bar Saint George: My friend and I stayed at the Hotel Saint George so we ate at Bar Saint George for a late-night dinner after taking sunset photos at Prada Marfa. Honestly, we weren’t starving for a large meal, we were tired, and we were staying at the hotel, so we just decided to grab some quick food there in the lobby. It was just okay. 

Cochineal: Arguably the most “gourmet” restaurant in town. Reservations may not be required depending on the day/time of year, but they’re definitely highly recommended as the restaurant allegedly only orders/buys enough food for their estimated guests. The food is excellent!

​​There are several other places in town to grab some food. Unfortunately, there are so many we just couldn’t get to them all, or they were closed (gotta check those hours and plan ahead), or they were closed because they were on vacation, but here’s a quick list if you want to explore:

Al Campo, La Playa, & Bar de Jugos: Of all the restaurants in Marfa, I was really bummed when we went here and … they were closed and on vacation. Website and social media says “a new Al Campo in 2022.”

Food Shark: I’ve been to Marfa twice. They have NEVER been open when I’m in town. Always on vacation. Maybe the third time will be the charm.

The Sentinel: It’s the region’s newspaper office. But, it also serves food and cocktails. And, is also an event venue. And sells eclectic wares.  That’s peak Marfa for you. I will definitely try them for breakfast next time I’m in Marfa even though the reviews on Yelp are mixed.

Para Llevar: this restaurant wasn’t open the last time I was in Marfa, but the pizzas look amazing and I can’t wait to try it in the future!

Siempre Marfa: Tex-Mex food and drinks. Looks like the sister restaurant to Para Llevar? Again, was not open the last time I was in Marfa, but I’d be happy to try that frozen Prickly Pear margarita with some chips and salsa!

Bun n Roses: Mixed reviews on yelp, but I would definitely stop and try the donut (comes WITH the hole) and coffee before heading out for a day exploring Marfa!

The Waterstop: Again, mixed reviews on yelp – mostly about the service – but I stopped at a store next door the last time I was in Marfa and this place is cute! Lost of outdoor seating!

Convenience West: West Texas Barbecue. Definitely on my list to try during my next visit.

Aster: Breakfast and Lunch, Wednesday through Sunday.

Wienertown: Hot dogs. On Saturdays and Sundays.

LaVenture at the Hotel Saint George: So, here’s the deal: we ate at Bar Saint George one night. It’s the same kitchen. The food was good, but nothing to write home about. While I have not had any of the food from LaVenture, it’s just not at the top of my list.

If you’re staying at El Cosmico and planning to cook your own meals, be sure to stop at: 

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