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Home Office Desk Makeover on a Budget

This Home Office Desk Makeover on a Budget post has been compensated by the 99 Cents Only Store. All opinions are mine alone. 

A couple months ago, I set up a temporary office desk in my kitchen because my current office is under about 100 boxes (no exaggeration) and at the rate I’m going, it won’t be unpacked for another year. This temp desk is working well enough, but it needed something extra, so I stopped by the 99 Cents Only Store to see what they had to give my temp desk a Home Office Desk Makeover. And wow, did the 99 deliver! Let me show you what I found!

Budget Home Office Desk Makeover // Salty Canary

First of all, I found so many decorations that light up! Light up LED Dreamcatchers, LED neon lights, a salt lamp, and a cinema sign! Budget Home Office Desk Makeover // Salty CanaryBudget Home Office Desk Makeover // Salty Canary


And I found almost everything at the 99! While many of the items cost more than 99 cents, they were still great deals! A neon cactus and a neon flamingo for only $4.99 each?!? And that large letter board was only $3.99!
Budget Home Office Desk Makeover // Salty Canary


Budget Home Office Desk Makeover // Salty CanaryThe makeover started with this pretty in pink Light Up LED Dream Catcher! These new Light Up LED Dream Catchers are available for just $4.99 and come in a variety of colors and styles. Look for them in 99 Cent Only Stores starting mid-October!Budget Home Office Desk Makeover // Salty Canary


I love the pink and orange tassels! And I thought it paired really well with … my Prada Marfa print! This is my photo which is available in my Salty Canary Print Shop, and I love that it fits so well with the dream catcher and all the neon lights and other decorations!Budget Home Office Desk Makeover // Salty CanarySeriously, I love that everything lights up! Eventually, this will all be moved down into my new office in the basement, so I’m going to need everything to light up to brighten and cheer up the space!Budget Home Office Desk Makeover // Salty Canary


I kill any live plants I bring home, and like I said, all of this will be going into the basement, so I got these cute faux cactus wooden signs. They had sayings on the pots (like Hug Me or Home Sweet Home, you can see a photo of them below), but I’m not big on sayings like that, so I also grabbed some craft paint at the 99 and just painted over them! Super easy and now they are perfect for me! Budget Home Office Desk Makeover // Salty Canary

Also, that cute little salt lamp? It was only $4.99! I have salt lamps all over the house because I love the pink glow they put out! This one is a USB salt lamp, so it’s perfect for a desk – just plug it into your computer as you work for some pink lighting.

And how darling is this little bluetooth radio?
Budget Home Office Desk Makeover // Salty Canary

I also picked up a bunch of new desk and office supplies including folders, pens, a notebook, and this weekly tear-off desk calendar with sticky notes!


Here’s another view! Almost everything is from the 99 with the exception of the desk itself, the chair, and chair pillow, the pegboard, the lamp, and my Prada Marfa print. Everything else is from the 99: the dream catchers, the flamingo neon, the cactus neon, the letter board, the cinema sign, the 3 faux cactus signs, the salt lamp, the coffee mug filled with pens, the tall coffee mug filled with coffee, the desk supplies, and the popcorn snacks!Budget Home Office Desk Makeover // Salty CanaryBudget Home Office Desk Makeover // Salty Canary

I found this super tall coffee mug and then added a little decoration to it with paint and a marker! It’s holds the perfect amount of coffee each day! Budget Home Office Desk Makeover // Salty Canary


And do you have to have snacks on your desk? Sometimes when I’m working mid-afternoon or late at night I get sleepy and my eyes start to close, but I’ve found that crunching on popcorn helps me stay awake. I grabbed a bag of Boom Chicka Pop kettle corn while I was checking out at the 99 and it’s funny how the bag matches my desk perfectly! Budget Home Office Desk Makeover // Salty CanaryThere is no way that I could have given my Home Office Desk such an awesome makeover like this if I had shopped at other retail stores. The 99 helped me stay on budget and added some really fun style to my desk! Here’s a few more shots of all my awesome finds from the 99 including my faux cactus signs (with the lettering on the pots before I painted them), my office supplies, my light up LED dream catchers, and my LED neon lights!

Oh! And don’t forget the batteries! The LED neon lights can be plugged in via USB or they take 3 AA batteries. The light up cinema box also requires batteries!


If you head over to the 99, be sure to check out the home decor aisle to see what else they have in stock. There are so many awesome new items in store! There is always something new and exciting at the 99. You never know what you’ll find when you “do the 99.” Click here to find a store near you!

Have you given your office desk a makeover lately? I’ve found that it makes me a little more focused when I have a neat desk and fun decorations on it. What fun, silly items do you keep on your desk? Let me know in a comment below.



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