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Photo Booth Valentine’s Day Cards

I received the Valentine’s Day cards from Minted as compensation for this post. Post includes affiliate links which means I will make a small commission if you make a purchase. This does not cost you anything, but allows me to keep bringing you great content.

So as you know, I like to send out Valentine’s Day cards each year instead of Christmas cards. There is just too much pressure at Christmas and I really don’t need one more thing on my to-do list. Plus, I like to be the stand-out in the snail mail in February where I’m not competing on the mantel or the fridge with everyone else’s cards! And usually we take a new photo for my Minted Valentine’s Day Cards, but I ran out of time this year, so I decided to use my favorite squares from all the photo booth photos we’ve taken over the years and make them into one big photo. Photo Booth Valentines Day Cards from Minted // Salty CanaryThe Mister and I LOVE taking Photo Booth photos … you know, the ones with actual film in a vintage booth, NOT the digital knockoffs. Every time we visit San Francisco, we take photos in one of the booths at the Musee Mechanique. And every year we take photos at the LA County Fair which is actually the first thing I try to do there before we get all hot and melty. And we of course had a vintage photo booth at our wedding! So I pulled all of the photos (some were in frames) and scanned them all so I could pick out my favorite photos! Photo Booth Valentines Day Cards from Minted // Salty CanaryIt’s funny how you can always tell where we took the photos. We’re wearing coats in all of the Musee Mechanique photos and the Mister is wearing his cow hat and I’m in sunglasses for the LA County Fair photos. And in fact, the top left photo is the first photo we ever took together in a photo booth (we look like babies!) and the bottom right is the latest. Yup, that’s me drinking out of the wine bottle. Photo Booth Valentines Day Cards from Minted // Salty CanaryI love how this year’s card turned out! We’ve done a Julia Child inspired card, an UP inspired card, and now that I think about it, this is an Amelie inspired card! Photo Booth Valentines Day Cards from Minted // Salty CanaryPlus, if you don’t have the funds to hire a professional photographer for a family photo, you can always spend $2-6 on photo booth photos and you’ll have silly holiday cards! You can even write words on little poster boards like “Merry” “Christmas” “Happy” “New Year” or “Happy” “Valentine’s” “Day” “(heart symbol)” and hold them up during the photos! If you do this, I recommend going to find a real photo booth – you can find them at mini golf courses, bars, fairs, etc. Photo Booth Valentines Day Cards from Minted // Salty CanaryAgain, I LOVE how these cards came out! I went with postcards from Minted this year and I was even able to order “love” postcard stamps so I don’t have to make two trips to the post office or stand at the counter sticking stamps. Photo Booth Valentines Day Cards from Minted // Salty CanaryMinted is my go-to shop for Valentine’s Day Cards and they never disappoint! I love the clean, modern, and bright designs, but my favorite part is that they PRE-ADDRESS ALL YOUR CARDS FOR YOU!! For FREE! Free Address Printing! It’s a live saver! Truly! I don’t know if Minted could make it any easier. I guess if they actually stamped the postcards and mailed them for me! (Hint, hint, Minted!) Photo Booth Valentines Day Cards from Minted // Salty CanaryDo you prefer Christmas cards or Valentine’s Day cards? Let me know your vote in a comment!

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Saturday 11th of February 2017

I love this. Photo booth pictures are always the best.


Saturday 11th of February 2017

Aw, thanks, Sophie!

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