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13 Gifts for the Photographer Gift Guide

I love photography! I’ve been taking photos since high school when I learned how to use a manual camera and develop and print my own black and white and (when I advanced) color prints. And it seems everyone with a phone is a photographer these days, which is perfectly fine! I always say that the best camera is the one in your hand! And if you’re looking for a gift for YOUR favorite photographer, whether they use an expensive Canon, Nikon, iPhone, or even a disposable (remember those?), then I’ve got some great gift ideas for you in my 13 Gifts for the Photographer Gift Guide!


1. Chatbooks Photo Books // If you know someone who LOVES Instagram, then this is a great gift! I love my Chatbooks Photo Book Series. How it works is this: once you have 60 Instagram photos, the Chatbooks mobile app automatically alerts you that you have a book about to print and ship. You can go in and edit the captions, delete photos, etc., and then Chatbooks ships you a little paperback book full of your Instagram photos. Each book with shipping is $10. You can also create your own book with photos on your phone or Instagram starting at just $10! Plus, do not miss out on 20% OFF Sale starting November 19th to December 2nd. Use coupon code JOLLY at checkout!

2. Leather Camera Strap // I want one of these leather camera straps! They come in several different colors!

3. Ona Camera Bag // A few years ago, I went to the Alt Summit Blog Conference and stayed in a hotel room with my friend Meg Tsang. She had this bag and I thought it was a gorgeous vintage bag! Nope, it’s just the gorgeous Ona Camera Bag! I loved it so much I had to have it, too, and my mom gifted it to my for my birthday last year and I absolutely love it! It’s the perfect size for my camera and 1-2 lens, plus I’m able to stick my credit card, driver’s license, chapstick, and a few other necessities into the side pockets making it the perfect camera bag for Disneyland or vacations!

4. Canon Camera Lens Coffee Mug // This is for the photographer who is also a coffee addict! This camera “lens” is really a coffee mug, allowing you to take your coffee along to shoots! Gotta stay caffeinated!

5. Polaroid Instant Mobile Printer // Get those photos of your phone or computer! Photos are meant to be seen and not just on a tiny screen! This Polaroid Instant Mobile Printer gets photos off the tiny screen and into your hand to display around the house or give to friends!

6. Instax Camera with Case and Film //  Also comes in pink! I love my Instax! It’s fun to use when on vacation or out with friends!

7. iPhone Camera Case // I love a good phone case! I also call my phone my “camera” ALL OF THE TIME! I never ask, “Where’s my phone?” but instead mistakenly say, “Where’s my camera, I mean, my phone?” If your friend does this, too, then this phone case would be perfect for her!

8. Color Blast Kit // Have you seen those photos of people with colorful clouds behind them? That’s what these little bottles of color do! They add a burst of color to any scene and photographers would love to play with some added color and fun!

9. Drone // Who else wants a drone? I want one, but I know I can’t really use one right now because when will I ever use it with two babies on the way?!? But you should get one for your favorite photographer or yourself so I can live vicariously through your overhead photos!

10. Parabo Press B&W Large Engineer Prints //  If you live in earthquake country, then these large B&W or Color Engineer Prints are perfect for hanging above your bed! We just ordered 4 of them (2 of my photographs, two of antique Paris postcards I found online and scanned) and I could not be more pleased! They are going to look awesome when hanging and definitely add some graphic design to any room!

11. Fuji x100f // I’m often asked what type of camera I use (a Canon something, I honestly don’t know the letters/numbers), but this is my backup, fun camera that is great for daytrips or vacations when I don’t want to break out the “big camera.”

12. Lens Cap Strap Holder // Ok, I don’t own this product, but I desperately NEED it. I am notorious for putting lens caps in the back pockets of my jeans or my jacket and then they fall out and I lose them. This might not be a life saver, but it’s definitely a lens cap saver!

13. Vintage Camera Lamp // I have a vintage camera collection and this camera lamp would look so cute on the shelf with all my vintage cameras! If your favorite photographer also collects vintage cameras, they would love this lamp!

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Tuesday 21st of November 2017

Those camera lights are so cute. What a great idea!


Tuesday 21st of November 2017

Chatbooks are amazing! I have a few. I'm always impressed by the amazing quality and how fast they make the books.