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My Twin Diaper Changing Stations

I’ve partnered with Huggies® to share with you my Twin Diaper Changing Stations for my twins! I say twin stations for my twins because I set up two diaper changing stations, one upstairs and one downstairs, and while they’re similar, they aren’t identical! Tracking Pixel
Twin Diaper Changing Stations // Salty Canary I had a few of these three-tiered carts, so I re-appropriated them from their previous locations in the house and turned them in diaper supply carts for my diaper changing stations. I call them stations instead of tables because they are truly set up as full stations: I have two changing pads atop the dressers, plus two diaper supply carts, two laundry baskets, and two diaper pails both upstairs and downstairs. I was not messing around when it came to setting up the house for the twins! In the beginning, we practically lived downstairs with them and I was not about to carry them upstairs to their nursery every hour or two just to change diapers! And since they’re now sleeping in their cribs, we use the upstairs nursery more, but that downstairs changing table still comes in handy.
Twin Diaper Changing Stations // Salty Canary When I originally set up the diaper supply carts, I stocked them full of diapers, but I also stocked two small baskets with baby lotion, diaper rash cream, gauze bandages and petroleum jelly for Hank’s circumcision care, along with antibacterial hand gel for the adult’s hands. Plus, I keep a roll of trash bags handy so we can quickly change out the dirty diaper pail bags.
Twin Diaper Changing Stations // Salty Canary Twin Diaper Changing Stations // Salty Canary And, I keep the carts stocked with Huggies® diapers!
Twin Diaper Changing Stations // Salty Canary Twin Diaper Changing Stations // Salty Canary Twin Diaper Changing Stations // Salty Canary While the carts were set up identically in the beginning, now the changing cart upstairs differs a bit from the one downstairs at this 4-month point. We primarily only use the downstairs diaper changing station during the day, so I only keep it stocked with daytime diapers, whereas upstairs, I keep a row stocked with Huggies® Overnites.
Twin Diaper Changing Stations // Salty Canary What we love about Huggies® Diapers is that they are super absorbent and have great elastic bands which save us from blow-outs if we put the diapers on correctly. My husband hates diapers that don’t have the yellow-to-blue wetness indicator strip, so he’s a big fan of Huggies®. And, I like that Huggies® don’t have garish designs printed on them which sometimes show through the babies’ clothes. I guess it’s the photographer in me doesn’t like that! How cute are the Winnie the Pooh and friends characters?
Twin Diaper Changing Stations // Salty Canary

It’s truly amazing how many diapers we go through with these babies! Usually my record is changing eight diapers before noon, but just a few weeks ago, I changed six diapers in an hour – two when the babies woke up, two because they both pooped, and two more because we were leaving for a doctor’s appointment and they both had wet diapers! Whew! In just a few months, I went from never having changed a baby’s diaper before to being able to change a diaper in the dark in just a few minutes without getting any poop on my hands!

Twin mom life gets pretty crazy, but Huggies® is helping simplify new parents’ hectic lives by providing you with an option to stock up on your favorite Huggies® Diapers based on your diapering needs at every stage. And, Sam’s Club makes it easy for you to get the exact selection of Huggies® you need; if you shop online for 3 & 6-month diaper bundles, you can select the sizes you need. The 12-month diaper bundles come with pre-selected sizes for your babies’ age and activity, and Sam’s Club has you covered if your baby outgrows or doesn’t need that size—simply return the unopened box and they’ll swap it out for the size you need! These bundle offers are exclusively available on and diapers are shipped directly to you which can be a lifesaver for twins and multiples parents! Twin Diaper Changing Stations // Salty Canary Twin Diaper Changing Stations // Salty Canary Let me know what I’m missing from my diaper changing stations! I know that as the babies get older, I’m going to need some fun distractions like toys to keep their little hands busy, but what else do I need? Let me know in a comment below!
Twin Diaper Changing Stations // Salty Canary This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies®.

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