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Where to Stay in Marfa, Texas

Whether you’re heading to Marfa, Texas to check out Prada Marfa, as a stop after visiting Big Bend National Park, or to get away for a few days in a cute, artsy city, you’ll need some accommodation options. After a few trips to Marfa, Texas, I have found some of the best places to stay in Marfa, Texas.

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The Ultimate Guide on Where to Stay in Marfa, Texas

You’ll want to head to this West Texas desert city known for its celebrity visitors and relaxed vibes for at least a few days, long enough to enjoy some delicious food and stop by Prada Marfa. I’m sharing my long list of where to stay in Marfa, Texas, including everything from Marfa hotels to campsites and VRBOs.


If you’re booking a stay based on an included pool, check that the pool is open before booking. Some pools are only seasonal and may not be available during your visit.

El Cosmico

I’m still not sure if El Cosmico is a hotel, motel, or campground, so you’ll find this stay listed in the hotel and campground sections. What I am sure of is that you’ll leave this stay with so many Instagram-worthy pictures!

This unique hotel has everything from a limited time stay in an “invisible home” covered glass and desert murals to higher-end trailers, glamping tents, teepees, safari tents, yurts, and a section where you can set up your tent. I’ve noted in my El Cosmico Review that this spot is not the most comfortable place to stay in, but it’s a great place to experience a bohemian-style stay that offers the perfect Instagram aesthetic. Plus, it’s one of the more affordable options in Marfa.

You can read more about the El Cosmico in my Checking In: El Cosmico Review blog post!


The Thunderbird is a hip, laid-back hotel on the pricier side. Some note the Thunderbird as one of the best places to stay in Marfa, Texas. Others note that it’s not worth the price. This is another aesthetically pleasing spot but perhaps better for a one-night stay. I’ve stayed here, it was a nice stay, but I likely will not book again.

There are some excellent amenities like organic toiletries and the possibility of renting typewriters and record players. The rooms are even dog-friendly, and there’s a 24-hour pool to swim in on the days that it’s too hot.

A note – Wi-Fi is spotty here, so consider this stay a way to take a break from technology.

Hotel Saint George

If you’re looking for a modern, luxe boutique hotel, you’ll enjoy staying at Hotel Saint George. The rooms are clean, comfortable, and elegantly decorated. This hotel was built on the original Hotel Saint George site, and you can see evidence of the original hotel in the lobby’s concrete floors and brick walls.

Hotel Saint George is one of the few hotels in town with a pool. Though, it’s only open seasonally, so be sure to check the open dates. Unfortunately, when I stayed at the hotel, the pool had a chlorine issue and we couldn’t use it.

Reviewers also rave about the restaurant in the hotel, though we thought it was only okay.

You can read more about the different restaurants available in Marfa at my Where to Eat in Marfa, Texas blog post!

The Hotel Paisano

The Hotel Paisano is a must when considering where to stay in Marfa, Texas. This charming spot was built in the 1930s and was the hotel of choice for classic Hollywood movie stars Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean during the filming of the 1955 movie Giant.

The rooms are decorated in an “old Hollywood-style” and offer a comfortable stay when visiting the city. The gift shop at the hotel is a great spot to grab some souvenirs before leaving. You’ll find everything from clothes to books and toys here. Make sure to stop by Jett’s Grill, the hotel’s restaurant, for a tasty meal. 

The Brite Building

If you want an eclectic, southwestern-style stay (that’s not in a tent), you’ll want to check out the Brite Building. While this apartment is part of El Cosmico’s offerings, it’s a different vibe from the outdoor spaces that El Cosmico is known for.

There are two large bedrooms with king-sized beds and stunning bathrooms, including huge bathtubs. I would recommend this stay for a couples’ getaway or even a girl’s trip with a few friends. Just downstairs is an Andy Warhol exhibit that you can visit to see some of his original pieces.

Marfa House

Marfa House is a historic home in the downtown area that’s been renovated and turned into a cute hotel. The outside is unassuming, but the interior is cozy and modern. Most of the apartments have full kitchens, which is convenient if you’re visiting Monday through Wednesday when many restaurants are closed.

There are a few shared spaces that you can take advantage of, including a large balcony, a sun-filled gallery, and the partially enclosed atrium. These cute areas have tons of seating, and you may even meet some fellow art lovers who are visiting.

Vacation Rentals

We all know vacation rentals are better for longer stays, but these options also include kitchens so you have a backup option if you’re visiting on a Monday, Tuesday, or even a Wednesday and everything is shut down in Marfa.

The Lincoln Marfa

The Lincoln Marfa is a small community of remodeled history houses that have been “Marfa-fied.” These updated houses are home, cozy, and make you feel like you’ve found your home away from home.

They have a garden courtyard that you can enjoy, cozy fire pits, and an easy self-check-in process. This spot has an ideal location right in downtown Marfa, making many attractions within walking distance.

Corte del Norte

Corte del Norte has cool, rustic vibes that will make you want to stay an extra day or two just to enjoy how aesthetically pleasing it is. This vacation rental consists of three houses that you can stay in with a shared courtyard. There’s plenty of seating in the courtyard and a stock tank pool to lounge in (it’s not large enough for swimming).

There’s even a pool table and a dining room that opens up right into the courtyard. These homes are also in the downtown area, so you can bike or walk to the nearby galleries and restaurants.


These Airbnbs are unique and offer everything from downtown Marfa locations to remote options that let you get away from the city light and perhaps even the train noise.

Marfa Garden 2: This guesthouse is perfect if you want a more peaceful stay. You’ll be staying in a modern casita in the middle of a pretty (and private!) garden with local plants and flowers.

Ice Plant Casita: This super cute guesthouse is perfect for up to two people and is within walking distance of Marfa’s downtown area. It’s right across the street from the old Marfa Ice Plant, hence this Airbnb’s name.

Marfa Modern Mini: The Marfa Modern Mini guesthouse is cute, cozy, and even includes a small porch with chairs to hang out on. Did I mention the enormous tub to soak in after exploring downtown Marfa?!

Hermosa Container Home: Have you ever wanted to stay in a shipping container? Don’t let the outside fool you. The inside of this guesthouse is charming, well put together, and offers some of the best views from the highest point in Marfa.

Tiny Tumbleweed: Even though this stay is a guesthouse, it has a fence around it, making it feel like you’re in your own little world. It’s perfect for 1-2 people and even has cute inclusions like a record player and records to use.

Bohemio Marfa: This villa is somewhere between modern and rustic and can hold up to 10 people. There’s a bunch of cute amenities like a mini-movie theater with hammocks and a bed outside to lounge on. 

Highland Adobe: This home is modern, spacious, bright, and airy, with many amenities like a fully stocked fridge and a guesthouse you can use. There’s a great garden that you can sit in filled with prickly pears and palo verde trees right on Highland Ave.

Modern & Minimal Marfa Home: This home is contemporary, simple, and offers an open floor plan that makes it feel spacious.

Duende Marfa: This home is very “Marfa-esque” with quirky décor and artsy vibes. The hammock room is stunning and a great meditative space for those who like to read with natural light.



If you’re looking for a stay that lets you enjoy the whole property, try one of these Vrbo’s. These are some of the best spots; that’s why they’re included on our list of where to stay in Marfa, Texas.

The Juniper Moon House: There’s no other way to describe this VRBO than quirky, charming, and cute. This home is perfect for 2-3 people and even has a well-stocked fridge.

The No. 3: The No. 3 is a modern, simple, and even Instagram-worthy location. It easily fits 1-2 people and even has a cute patio where you can sip coffee in the mornings.

La Casita Azul: This bungalow is a little further from the downtown area, making it a more tranquil stay. It has a cute boho style and a large, covered dining spot in the back for family-style meals.

Casa de Conejito: This bohemian-style house has character and quirky amenities, like multiple hammocks in the backyard for stargazing.

Big Sky Marfa: This large home has a spacious, open floor plan making it an excellent stay for larger groups. It’s surrounded by a desert landscape and mountain views.

Historic 2-Story Adobe in the Heart of Marfa: This charming, remodeled 100+ year home is located right in downtown Marfa near the Presidio County Courthouse. It has a huge deck with plenty of seating to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets over the city.

Private Pool: This modern, luxurious home has plenty of space for nine guests. There’s a private pool, a jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom, and a large, covered patio in the back to hang out on.

Ranch Water Guest House: This historic adobe guesthouse will make you feel right at home with eclectic and cozy décor. The study has the perfect spot for watching sunsets while listening to the Marfa Public Radio.

Camping & RV Parks

If you feel like spending a few nights under the stars, there are some great camping and RV parks in Marfa. Here are a few of the best options to check out.

El Cosmico

El Cosmico is, of course, worth mentioning again, as you’ll want to spend a night glamping here even if it’s just for the pictures! You can choose to stay in a glamping tent or bring your tent and set it up on the campsite.

The Wi-Fi doesn’t work well here, except in the lobby. Don’t expect to get any work done at this camping area, but you’ll get a nice dose of nature and stay in a fun, kitschy spot.

Tumble In RV Park

The Tumble In RV Park on San Antonio St. is great if you’re traveling in an RV or want to camp out in nature (with Wi-Fi!). There are showers, laundry machines, and a full kitchen on site. There’s even a fire pit area if you feel like breaking out some s’mores.

Reviewers noted this RV park is easy to find and that it’s directly off the main highway and a few minutes walk or bike ride to downtown Marfa. You may even catch a glimpse of the mysterious Marfa lights while camping here.

Marfa Lights Viewing Area

Apparently, thanks to the Texas law that states you’re allowed 24 hours at all Department of Transportation Rest Areas, Picnic Areas, or Roadside Pull-offs, you can park your camper or RV at the Marfa Lights Viewing Area overnight. Although there is no running water, so it isn’t technically a campsite. And remember, the train passes nearby all night and there will be people coming and going to the Viewing Area all night long, so it may not be the quietest place to sleep.

Please double-check that this information is correct as I don’t want you to get a ticket in case the law has changed.

You can read more about the Marfa Lights in my Guide to the Marfa Lights blog post!


Booking at the last minute and can’t find any openings at the above stays in Marfa? Here’s a spot that you can check out that’s only about a 40-minute drive from the city.

Cibolo Creek Ranch

Cibolo Creek Ranch is more than just a ranch; it’s a luxe resort sitting on 30,000 acres of land. It’s not the type of luxury resort you may expect in larger cities or areas, but it comes highly rated and is stunning. There’s an outdoor pool (it’s heated!), a small gym, and even an airport if you’re flying in.

A few notes – if you’re driving, you’ll want to be in a Jeep or similar vehicle because you’ll be driving down a dirt road for quite a while to get to the ranch. There are also no keys for the rooms – they’re all kept unlocked. However, there is a lock inside the door, so you can keep it locked while in the room.

Cibolo Creek Ranch is made of reconstructed forts from the 1800s that have been updated and decorated with a Texas homestead-style décor. You can enjoy family-style meals at the ranch or explore the onsite museums.

Looking for things to do in Marfa? Check out my other Marfa-related posts!

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