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Coffee Popsicles

Good morning! Have you had your morning cup of coffee yet? We like to joke that my husband likes a bit of coffee with his creamer! I guess it’s more like a morning cup of creamer! We both work at home, and sometimes in the afternoon we make a second pot of coffee, but with the days warming up, it’s nice to have a cool treat with a bit of a pick me up, so I’m sharing the recipe for these yummy Coffee Popsicles!
Coffee Popsicles / Salty CanaryCoffee Popsicles / Salty CanaryThey are SO good! I wanted them to taste like coffee ice cream on a stick, so I used plenty of creamer. Coffee Popsicles / Salty CanaryCoffee Popsicles / Salty CanaryHere’s the recipe. I made it for the popsicle mold shown above, so if you have something different, you may have more or leftover coffee mixture.

Coffee Popsicles

Coffee Popsicles

Coffee Popsicles / Salty Canary


  • 2 1/2 cups coffee
  • 1 cup Dunkin’ Donuts® Extra Extra Creamer
  • 1/2 cup sugar


  1. Combine all three ingredients in a bowl or saucepan with a spout for easy pouring and mix together until sugar is dissolved.
  2. Pour the coffee mixture into the popsicle mold. Leave about ¼" space at the top in case the popsicle expands.
  3. Insert your popsicle sticks.
  4. The popsicles will take 4-8 hours to fully freeze.
  5. To remove the popsicles, immerse the popsicle mold in hot water for 10-15 seconds and then pull them straight out.
  6. Enjoy the popsicles right away or store in an airtight freezer bag for up to 1 week.

If you want, you can add some espresso powder or cacao nibs at the base of the popsicles. And you can make stripes or creamer tips. I know it seems strange to add more sugar to the creamer, but as the popsicles freeze, they tend to lose their sweetness. Coffee Popsicles / Salty CanaryCoffee Popsicles / Salty CanaryCoffee Popsicles / Salty Canary


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Judy Dutton

Sunday 21st of May 2017

Where did you get the popsicle molds?

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