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DIY Kitty Cat Placemat and Fresh Cat Food

Well, it’s been a year since my loose goose Lucy came to live with us! She is the sweetest cat! But she’s a messy eater! There is always food ALL around her bowl. So I thought I would make her a little DIY Kitty Cat Placemat which will actually make it easier on me to clean up her mess! And since I was making one for Lucy, I had to make one for Poops, too! DIY Kitty Cat Placemats // Salty Canary We’ve always had trouble getting Lucy to eat wet food. When we were introducing Lucy and Poops, we used wet food to get them both to eat at the same time, but the two cats don’t like the same type of food, so we would have to open one can for Poops and another for Lucy, but even then Lucy usually preferred to eat dry kibble. I just wish both cats would eat the same food and I could quit buying 2-3 types of food and opening can after can of cat food and I’m tired of all the tupperware in the fridge with a half can of cat food in it. DIY Kitty Cat Placemats // Salty Canary And with Poops (the orange cat) getting older, she’s getting pickier. That poor old lady cat is a pickier eater than me! DIY Kitty Cat Placemats // Salty Canary So when I saw Freshpet refrigerated food, I knew we had to try it! I mean, most meat needs to be refrigerated, you know with the exception of pepperoni and canned ham, so why isn’t cat food? What is in it? No wonder the kitties are picky! Freshpet is a refrigerated and all natural pet food made with fresh ingredients and never uses artificial or chemical preservatives, or any mysterious ingredients like chicken meal. Instead, Freshpet is just like a home cooked meal you’d make for your pet. DIY Kitty Cat Placemats // Salty Canary And the best part of Freshpet? Both cats love it! I mean, LOVE it! DIY Kitty Cat Placemats // Salty Canary And Lucy loves eating it off of her Kitty Placemat! She was camera shy this time around, so you’ll have to check out the video of her playing with her food over on Instagram!

And if you want to make a Kitty Cat Placemat of your own, the instructions are below: DIY Kitty Cat Placemats // Salty Canary


  • Ikea Cork Placemat
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Pencil
  • Bowl
  • Ruler


  • Use a bowl as a template to draw a circle on the placemat. Then use a ruler to add on the two ears.
  • Next, paint your placemat. I painted the entire placemat black, let it dry, then added pink ears and a nose.
  • I then added the whiskers by painting the edge of a scrap of the cutout cork placemat and used it like a stamp to get the straight lines.
  • Let it dry and you have a cute little kitty cat placemat!

DIY Kitty Cat Placemats // Salty Canary

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