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Over the Moon Themed Baby Shower

After telling my friends I was pregnant with surprise Baby #3, they all immediately asked if I was going to have another baby shower. I was really on the fence about it. I mean, because of the twins we already have almost everything we could need and anything that I needed to buy for this baby, we could afford to purchase on our own. But my friends insisted. So last month, I had my Over the Moon Themed Baby Shower (really, it was more of a baby sprinkle than a baby shower) and it was so nice to get together with a few of my closest friends because, to be honest, I probably won’t get a chance to see them again for several, several months once this baby arrives!

Over the Moon Themed Baby Shower

I’m a planner and an organizer and I can’t ever let anyone plan anything for me. I really like to plan my own parties. Luckily, my friends are totally fine with this, so after a night of internet research and Pinterest scrolling, I eventually chose an “Over The Moon” theme because my twin toddlers are currently obsessed with the moon. I’m decorating Baby #3’s corner-of-our- room nursery nook with some moon-themed art, moon-shaped lights, and a moon mobile in order to get the twins excited about the new baby, so I figured carrying the theme over to the baby shower was a perfect idea. 

And then when I was looking for invitations on Etsy, I found these gorgeous blue watercolor moon invitations and had the brilliant idea to make it a crafting baby shower where we could shibori dye some new onesies for the baby (so he isn’t wearing only hand-me-downs), but we could also dye all of the twins’ old, used, and stained burp cloths, onesies, and swaddles! And they turned out awesome! If you want to shibori dye some baby onesies at a baby shower or on your own, check out my How to Shibori Dye Baby Onesies tutorial here. 

I also purchased enough white cotton dishtowels so the ladies could all make two of their own dishtowels to take home with them as favors. They simply dyed them at the party, then we stuck them in plastic bags (sorry environment, I couldn’t figure out an alternative for this one), and they took them home to wash and dry them! Here’s how a few of mine turned out:

But, I’m an overachiever and I thought one craft wasn’t enough for a crafternoon event, so I thought about making clay moon phase wall mobiles. But, it would be very time consuming for everyone to make their own moon mobiles, so instead, I simply just asked all of my guests to cut out one clay moon phase using these moon phase cookie cutters and I would use them to assemble a moon phase wall mobile to decorate Baby #3’s nursery corner. I’m sharing the full DIY tutorial right here (coming soon) in case you want to make one, too! 

I used a different color blue on the mobile so it would better match the colors of the nursery nook where it’s going to hang. And we didn’t make the entire thing at the baby shower – the ladies and I simply cut the moon phases out of clay. I baked the clay after everyone had gone home. And, later, I painted the edges, strung it together, added the tassels and the copper pipe hanger.

The baby shower definitely wasn’t a Pinterest-worthy affair, but honestly, unless you’re spending a ton of money to rent out a location with white backdrops and possibly hire an event planner or make a balloon arch, your at-home party won’t look like what the party bloggers put out there on the internet. And that’s ok!

The rest of the baby shower was really laid back. I had a pretty large Twin Baby Shower Fiesta themed baby shower for the twins where my husband and I invited all our friends and family to come to celebrate the twins with us. But this time, I really wanted something smaller. I had gone to a friend’s baby sprinkle for her second baby where she and her friends got together over some cheese and fruit plates, she had a woman smudge us with sage, and then we sat around in a circle and talked about the mama-t0-be, how we met her, how she’s a great mom, and our wishes for her pregnancy and a safe birth. While it was perfect for my friend, sage and circle sharing is a little too hippy for me, but crafting for a few hours with my friends while eating breakfast pastries and sipping mimosas sounded perfect!

Here are a few more details of my Over The Moon Themed Baby Shower in case you’re interested: 

I got a $22.99 vanilla cake from Vons (just say “YES!” to grocery store cakes, they are delicious!) and topped it with a DIY clay moon topper that I made the night before in order to test the process for making the clay moon mobile. And yes, the store decorated it with the blue frosting per my instructions. It was simple, inexpensive, and on theme! 

About an hour before the party began, three of my best friends put together the cheese/fruit plates, an ice bucket full of drinks, and decorations while I prepped the clay for the moon mobile craft. There was lots of talking and laughing while we got everything ready and it was exactly what I wanted! 

I loved getting to visit with my friends, make things for my baby, and eat cake! A pretty awesome crafternoon baby shower!

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