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Route 66 Road Trip Day 10: Santa Fe to Albuquerque

Get your kicks on Route 66 and follow along on our 16-day Route 66 Road Trip from Chicago to Los Angeles! Day 10 from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Albuquerque, New Mexico included some vintage signs in Santa Fe, eating hot dogs at the Dog House in Albuquerque, and a strip of amazing vintage neon signs down the main strip in Albuquerque. 

Route 66 Road Trip Day 10: Santa Fe to Albuquerque

We couldn’t wait to get the hell out of Santa Fe. I just couldn’t get with that town. Too many old people, too much expensive turquoise jewelry, not Route 66-ish. So we checked out and headed towards Albuquerque and since it was a short driving day, we stopped at a bunch of antique stores, vintage neon motel signs, and restaurant signs.

The antique stores were okay. I would recommend them, although I liked the antique stores in Amarillo better. We had lunch at Rudy’s BBQ (which is the husband’s favorite BBQ) and then he was nice enough to drive me up and down the main Route 66 strip in Albuquerque so I could photograph all the awesome neon signs.

WARNING: a lot of vintage sign photographs to follow!


We then checked into our room at the Monterey Non-smoker’s Motel and met Victor the dog. I guess Weiner dogs were the theme of the day.


And then had dinner at the Dog House which you might recognize as a Breaking Bad filming location. We would have had dinner there even if it wasn’t a Breaking Bad location – it’s one of the best neon signs along Route 66! I mean, the sausage links move and the dog wags her tail!

As I was taking a photo of the neon a car pulled up and a lady jumped out and asked if we wanted our photo taken. At first we said no, but she was insistent. She told us that she is a huge fan of the Dog House and has been eating there for years and she is also a huge fan of Breaking Bad and she has her photo taken in front of the sign and we needed one, too.


STAY: Monterey Non-Smoker’s Motel,2402 Central Ave SW, Albuquerque, NM 87104, (505) 243-3554

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