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Route 66 Road Trip Day 14: Flagstaff to Kingman

Day 14 of our Route 66 Road Trip was a day spent driving from Flagstaff, Arizona to Kingman, Arizona and included lunch at Rod’s Steak House before a beautiful drive to Seligman, Arizona and our stop for the night in Kingman, Arizona. 

Route 66 Road Trip Day 14: Flagstaff to Kingman

Day 14 had one of the most beautiful driving days along Route 66! We started off in Flagstaff, Arizona and left a forest fire in our rear view mirror. The scenery was just gorgeous. I hadn’t seen trees in about a week!

Our first stop was in Williams, AZ where we met Smokey the Bear at the visitor’s center, and ate lunch at Rod’s Steak House (with their awesome die-cut menu!) before strolling through town down the main street.

The husband gets annoyed that I make him wait to eat until I take a photo.

There’s some awesome vintage signs in downtown Williams!

We then drove to Seligman. This is such a beautiful drive. I repeat, such a beautiful drive! I believe it is 115 miles and it is pretty far off Interstate 40, so barely any traffic and you hardly see another car.

Plus there are Burma Shave signs along the road and I saw hundreds of prairie dogs!

We got into Seligman, Arizona and stopped at Delgado’s Snow Cap Drive In where we met the late owner’s son, John Delgado. He fixed us a couple of “small” root beer floats.

We were also treated to every single one of his jokes. So funny. Great stop! If you go through Seligman and you don’t stop there, shame on you!

Seligman is home to a very Route 66 town. In fact, in an interview, John Lasseter stated that much of the story of the fictional town of Radiator Springs was inspired by  Seligman, AZ.

On the way to Kingman, we passed by the Cozy Korner Trailer Park and its giant green Tiki head, Giganticus Headicus.

That last thing is some sort of fertility wind chime. Luckily the wind wasn’t blowing.

We then made it into Kingman, which as usual, has a bunch of awesome signs.

We checked into the El Trovatore motel and meet the owners and their dog Taco, who was formerly named Taquito, but you can make a guess as to why the name change. If you’re staying at the El Trovatore, don’t bother going to any of the museums in town as the owner will happily give you a lengthy history lesson on the town, the motel, and Route 66.


STAY: El Trovatore1440 East Andy Devine AvenueKingman, AZ 86401

Planning a Route 66 trip?

I used the Route 66: EZ66 Guide for Travelers to plan our trip and I highly, highly, highly (I truly cannot emphasize it enough) recommend the book/maps if you’re planning to drive most of Route 66 turn-by-turn – meaning all of the historic route, no modern-day highways.

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