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30 Most Instagrammable Spots in Marfa, Texas

It’s pretty incredible just how “Instagrammable” the entire town of Marfa, Texas is! I swear, everywhere we went there was another photo op! But if you’re only spending a couple of days in Marfa, you can’t possibly see it all, so I’m sharing the 30 Most Instagrammable Spots in Marfa just in case you want to plan your itinerary accordingly.

I love travel photography and pretty much the entire reason for my last trip to Marfa was to see and photograph the Tiny Target art installation just outside of town. As a photographer, blogger, and type A planner, I understand wanting to plan a vacation ahead of time in order to figure out where and when to take photos. Also, on this note, you should also be sure to check out my What to Do in Marfa on a Monday in case you’re planning to be there on a Monday (or even a Tuesday) when almost the entire town shuts down.

30 Most Instagrammable Spots in Marfa, Texas

Prada Marfa

Ok, it’s not located in the town of Marfa, but I think that first and foremost on this list should be Prada Marfa. This roadside art installation is what inspired me to visit Marfa in the first place over 5 years ago and it’s a must stop when visiting. In fact, we stopped to photograph it 3 different times on my latest trip. Once on the way into town, once at sunset in the middle of our stay, and again on our way out of town. 

Location // Prada Marfa, 14880 US-90, Valentine, TX 79854

Welcome to Marfa Billboard

If you’re driving into town from El Paso or White Sands, you’ll come across the Welcome to Marfa billboard. I think it’s a Instagram-worthy thanks to the barbwire fence and the West Texas clouds. 

Location // Between Prada Marfa and the town of Marfa on US-90

Giant Movie Billboards

A giant James Dean or Elizabeth Taylor? Yes, please! The murals are by John Cerney.

Location // Between Prada Marfa and the town of Marfa on US-90

El Cosmico

The El Cosmico “hotel” is a smorgasbord of Instagrammable spots! 

Location // El Cosmico, 802 S. Highland Ave., Marfa, TX 79843

  • Trailers

  • Teepees

  • The Eye Sign over the driveway entrance

  • The Yellow Jitney Scooter

  • Hammocks 

I did not get a photo with the hammocks, but plan to next on the next trip!

The Get Go Grocery

The Get Go is one of two small grocery stores in town, so if you’re looking to cook your own dinner or stock your hotel room with some beer or wine, I recommend a stop here once you get to town. They also sell my favorite Marfa tourist souvenir, The Get Go tote bag. The outside is IG Feed worthy and the inside is perfect for IG Stories!

Location // The Get Go, 208 S Dean St, Marfa, TX, 79843

Chinati Foundation

Again, another location with multiple Instagrammable spots. 

Location // Chinati Foundation, 1 Cavalry Row, Marfa, TX 79843

  • Judd’s 15 Untitled Works in Concrete // The admission is free, just be sure to check the times. 

  • Judd’s 100 Untitled Works in Mill Aluminum // Admission is $10 and photography inside the building is either discouraged or not allowed. I can’t really figure it out. 

  • Dan Flavin’s Untitled //  A project consisting of 6 army barracks and neon lights. $10 admission and I believe photography is not allowed. Shhhh. 

Food Shark

I’ve never actually been able to eat at Food Shark because they’ve been closed during BOTH of my trips to Marfa, but if you like photographing your food, I would recommend it. 

Location // Food Shark, 909 W San Antonio St, Marfa, TX 79843

Moonlight Gemstones

I mean, c’mon. All that turquoise. The rocks. Any millennial into crystals will love this place. I feel like the outside is Insta-feed worthy and the inside is perfect for Instagram Stories. 

Location // Moonlight Gemstones, 1001 W San Antonio St, Marfa, TX 79843

You’ll Be Fine Graffiti Wall

The “You’ll Be Fine” graffiti wall is located catty corner to the El Paisano Hotel. It reminds me of the “I love you so much” graffiti wall in Austin, Texas. 

Location // On the corner at E Texas St. at Highland St., Marfa, Texas

Marfa Doorway

This cute little Marfa doorway is located across the street from the courthouse. 

Location // On the corner of Highland St. at E. Lincoln St., Marfa, Texas

Pink Central Fire Station

And just around the corner from the Marfa doorway or across the street from the courthouse (which you can’t miss) is the pink Central Fire Station! 

Location // Central Fire Station, 110 E Lincoln St, Marfa, TX 79843

Cobra Rock

There are several store fronts in town that are Instagram-worthy including Cobra Rock below. The white building, the black doors, the blue signage, and the cacti! 

Location // Cobra Rock, 107 S Dean Street, Marfa, TX 79843

The Brite Building

Built in 1931, the details on the exterior of this building are amazing! The tile work, the wrought iron, the tiny restaurant with dark blue doors! Like I said, every spot is so damn Instagrammable in Marfa!

Location // The Brite Building, 109 Highland St, Marfa, TX 79843

Do Your Thing 

Well, I can’t say I recommend the coffee (but I did have a new barista, so maybe he was to blame), but I recommend the design aesthetic of the coffee shop and the cups!

Location // Do Your Thing, 201 E Dallas St, Marfa, TX 79843

Hotel Paisano 

Hotel Paisano’s courtyard is super cute! I LOVE the painted window! And the inside, with all of it’s movie history (the stars of the film Giant stayed here during filming including James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor) is perfect for IG Stories! 

Location // Hotel Paisano, 207 Highland St, Marfa, TX 79843

Marfa Water Tower

Grab a snap of the iconic water tower! 

Location // You can’t miss it. Just look up!

Marfa Public Radio

The logo, the colors, the green tile roof! Again, why is everything in Marfa so cute?

Location // Marfa Public Radio, 106 E. San Antonio St., Marfa, TX 79843

Marfa City Hall

My photo is a little bit dark. I wish I had stepped back a bit and gotten some sky to lighten it up a bit. Next trip! But those letters, the shadows! I love it!

Location // Marfa City Hall, 113 S Highland Ave, Marfa, TX 79843

The Sentinel

Again, the design aesthetic. The white building, Spanish tiles, painted logo, potted cacti. 

Location // The Sentinel, 209 W El Paso St, Marfa, TX 79843

La Playa / Bar de Jugos / Al Campo

This place is like the mecca for Insta-worthy photos in Marfa. The colors, the painted type, the bicycle, the crumbing facade. We didn’t even see the inside because they were unfortunately closed for vacation. 

Location // Al Campo, La Playa, Bar de Jugos, 200 S Russell St, Marfa, TX 79843

See Mystery Lights Sign 

I love this sign! I also love the mystic surround the Mystery Lights. 

Location // Thunderbird Hotel, 601 W San Antonio St, Marfa, TX 79843

Marfa Marfa Marfa Marfa Bags 

The newspaper dispensers filled with Marfa Marfa Marfa Marfa Bags are so cool! Located inside the Ashley Rowe shop and a perfect tourist souvenir! I bought the dark pink one to take home. 

Location // Ashley Rowe, 213 S Dean St, Marfa, TX 79843

Se Vende

This place is at least worth an IG Story! It’s a 24-hour vending machine filled with Marfa treasures ranging from tarot cards to condoms. 

Location // Se Vende, 107 S Dean St, Marfa, TX 79843

Yucca Plants 

I feel like the Yucca plants in front of Chinati Foundation building just scream desert chic! 

Location // Between the Judd building and the Brite Building near the train tracks on Highland St.

Greetings from Marfa Texas Postcard Mural 

Good coffee and a good mural located at Frama Coffee! 

Location // Frama Coffee, 120 N Austin St, Marfa, TX 79843


Ok, let’s venture outside of Marfa for a few spots. I’m going to mention Prada Marfa again just to be official that it is located outside of Marfa. 

Prada Marfa

Location // Prada Marfa, 14880 US-90, Valentine, TX 79854

Tiny Target

UPDATE: Tiny Target was demolished in December of 2020 by the property owner who was afraid that someone might get hurt by the structurally unsound building.

I’ve written a blog post on Tiny Target that you can read here. It is THE reason I returned to visit Marfa for the second time and I highly recommend stopping to see it! A perfect genius bookend to the Prada Marfa installation. 

Location // Tiny Target, US-90, Alpine, TX 79830

Gage Hotel 

This skull wall at the Gage Hotel is pretty amazing! We didn’t go inside the hotel, so there may be some other Insta-worthy spots in and around the hotel as well. 

Location // Gage Hotel, 102 NW 1st St Highway 90W, Marathon, TX 79842

Angie’s Snack Shack and Laundry Mat

Well, per their Facebook page, the Snack Shack is closed, but maybe stop by for a snap in front of the Snack Shack or Laundry Mat!

Location // Angie’s Snack Shack and Laundry Mat, 209 E Highway 90 Marathon, Texas 79842

Cow Dog Food Truck

How cute is this food truck? The dog logo? The colors?!? Per their website, they look to be permanently parked, so they’ll be easy to find!

Location // Cow Dog, 215 E Holland Ave, Alpine, TX 79830


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Friday 24th of March 2023

Unfortunately the “You’ll be fine” graffiti has been painted over and Ashley Rowe is closed. Still a cool town!

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