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My Funny Valentines

Thank you to Mixbook who has generously sponsored the product for this My Funny Valentines post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. This post contains affiliate links.

PLEASE NOTE: If we’re friends in real life and you got a valentine from me last year, then skip reading this post unless you like spoiling the surprise of your snail mail!

Well, somehow I got this year’s annual Valentine’s Day cards photographed, printed, sealed, stamped, and into the mail today! And I’m not gonna lie, a lot of the reason I was able to get them done this year is due to how easy it is to print with Mixbook! My Funny Valentines // Salty Canary I love sending Valentine’s Day cards instead of Christmas cards! For one reason, I’m always too busy during the Christmas and New Year holidays to get photos taken, cards printed, envelopes addressed, sealed, stamped, and into the mail. It’s just never going to happen. So, instead of the stress of trying to get cards into the mail and the guilt of failing, I’d rather just stress out about finding the perfect gifts for my family members and feel guilty from eating too many Christmas cookies! Sending Valentine’s Day cards every year has just been SO much easier and stress-free. Plus, not very many people send Valentine’s Day cards, so you stand out rather than just get lost amidst a sea of holiday cards! My Funny Valentines // Salty Canary With the twins born in early January, of course I was going to turn our traditional Valentine’s Day cards into a sort of Valentine/birth announcement hybrid! Valentine greeting on the front, birth announcement information on the back. My Funny Valentines // Salty Canary But I needed a quick and easy theme for the Valentine’s Day portion of the card. This is my 4th annual Valentine’s Day card and I really like how all of the past years’ cards have had loose themes – from “Julia Child Inspired”, an “UP Movie-Inspired House Announcement“, to last year’s “Photobooth Photo Roundup” (because I never got around to taking new photos, but we always take photobooth photos throughout the year). I thought about dressing the babies up as little cherubs or cupids, but I’m just trying to survive, change diapers, feed babies, and keep them alive everyday over here! So, I needed something simple and the Groucho glasses were THE easy solution to make “Funny Valentines!”My Funny Valentines // Salty Canary My Funny Valentines // Salty Canary My Funny Valentines // Salty Canary As I mentioned, these cards were easily designed and printed by Mixbook! They can even print the addresses on the envelopes for you, too! And right now for Valentine’s Day, Mixbook is offering 45% off orders over $149, 35% off orders over $99, or 30% off everything else. Click here and use coupon code LOVE118A at checkoutMy Funny Valentines // Salty Canary My Funny Valentines // Salty Canary

I hope you have a very happy Valentine’s Day!


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