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How to Turn a Potting Bench into a Party Cart

With the weather getting warmer, backyard party season is upon us and this is the perfect party cart for holding all your drinks, cups, ice, and chips and dip at your next party. It started out as a potting bench and I’m showing you How to Turn a Potting Bench into a Party Cart with just a few easy steps.

How to Turn a Potting Bench into a Party Cart

First, I assembled the potting bench. It wasn’t difficult and while it could be easily assembled by only one person, I did find it helpful to have an extra pair of hands to hold some parts steady while I screwed the bench together. Next, I spray-painted the potting bench a bright, cheerful yellow using safety goggles, a face mask, and gloves, using 3 cans of glossy yellow spray paint. 

My potting bench is no longer available, but I found several similar options for you:

Once dry, I affixed a bottle opener to the right front of the cart and added a cup hook to the top right shelf so I could hang a wine opener. If you want to do another upgrade, you can add a glass rack holder to the underside of the top shelf to hang glasses.

I then added a couple of large drawer pulls to the front and side of the cart in order to hang kitchen towels to have on hand so messes and spills will be easy to clean-up. And I used drawer pulls because they are less expensive than towel racks.

Next, I prepped my party cart for a backyard shindig. I poured some ice into both the plastic sink on the cart and into my turquoise retro cooler (also available in red, orange, white, and blue) and added my ice scoop and some bottles of Rose Lemonade to chill.

I also whipped up a pitcher of my blackberry limeade and set the pitcher and glasses on the top shelf along with a couple bottles of wine. The top shelf is also large enough to set a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

To garnish my blackberry limeade, I sliced a couple of limes using a fun, pineapple-shaped cutting board on the foldout side shelf. And to make sure none of my guests got hangry before dinner, I filled my chips and dip serving tray with chips and salsa.

From start to finish, the party cart only took a couple of hours to put together and then I was ready to host my party!

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Wednesday 15th of June 2016

Ah! How lovely is this! So cute!

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