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How to Set Up a Pie Bar for Thanksgiving

If you’re hosting friends and family for a large Thanksgiving meal, learn How to Set Up a Pie Bar for Thanksgiving along with different types of pie, whipped cream, and even pre-scooped ice cream for those who like it à la mode!

How to Set Up a Pie Bar for Thanksgiving

Hosting friends and family for a holiday meal requires a lot of work and planning, but you can make dessert easier by setting up a “Pie Bar.” Simply set out different types of pies with plates, utensils, a whipped cream dispenser, and pre-scooped ice cream and you’ll be all set for dessert! I also included a water dispenser with glasses and straws.

I set my pie bar with 4 different forms of pie:

I loved how the purple sweet potato pies turned out! Plus, having a “pie-in-a-jar” is great just in case guests need to leave the party early, but still want dessert! Simply snap on a lid and send your guests home with dessert for later!

But my favorite “pie” on the table were these Apple Pie Cookies! Maybe it’s because I love both apple pie and cookies, but these were just so easy to eat and they were delicious!

I set the dessert table with the different types of pies on varying cake plates and pedestals to make the desserts easy to grab along with a drink dispenser, glasses, plates, forks, spoons, and of course whipped cream and ice cream!

The whipped cream dispenser is awesome because you can set it right out on the table and it still looks classy instead of setting out a store-bought can of whipped cream. However, if you purchase one, don’t forget to order some N2O chargers in case they are not included with the dispenser.

If you want to serve your pie à la mode, the easiest way to serve ice cream on a dessert table is to pre-scoop it into cupcake liners and serve in a cupcake pan. Simply pre-scoop before the party and keep the pan chilled in the freezer until you’re ready for dessert.

What types of pie will you serve for Thanksgiving? Let me know in a comment!

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