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Self Care Gift Guide

I meant to make this as a Self Care Gift Guide for the holidays, but practicing self-care, not overextending myself, and spending time with my family and kiddos during the holiday season was more important to me than getting this published on time. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with myself for not getting it up, but then I thought about it and I really want to work on practicing self-care more in the new year, so it’s actually better as a New Year’s Resolution Guide!

Also, just treat yourself!

Anyhow, as with all of my gift guides, I either personally own it, own a similar item, or plan on purchasing the item. I don’t just include something because it fits with my colors or my theme. Keep reading below for my reviews or thoughts on everything along with links.



1. Day Designer Planner // As much as I love digital organization, sometimes I need a paper planner to keep on top of the upcoming months and plans. My favorite planner of all time is a Day Designer planner which has a monthly view, but also daily schedules so you can really plan out each day down to the hour. I’ve linked to the 2019 version that I’m using.

2. Bubble Bath // I think a luxurious bubble bath is the epitome of “self-care!” Who doesn’t like bubble baths?

3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Sleep Mask // I have this sleep mask already and I love it! I’ve used it so much a new mama – all those times in the first few months when I took naps at 8 am or 2 pm and needed to block out the sunlight.

4. Face Masks // I’ve used a lot of different face masks and these are my absolute favorite. I have hormonally acne-prone skin and after using this mask, my skin is very moisturized, my pores are smaller, and I feel as if my acne calms down a bit.

5. Bitchcraft Wall Calendar // I love everything Neryl Walker creates, a calendar keeps you organized, and I think this calendar reminds you to be a bit witchy, so I’m including it in this guide!

6. Magazine Subscription: To unplug, I like to browse through a magazine. I love ParentsSunset Magazine, Real SimpleBetter Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart Living, and Good Housekeeping. Parents, BHG, and Good Housekeeping are only $5-6 each for a yearly subscription of 12 issues!

7. Planner // Sold out.

8. The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck // My husband and I have both discussed how we need to give less fucks. I haven’t read this book, but I love that it’s a parody of the Marie Kondo decluttering book (below) and I think it would be a fun read!

9. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing // I’m not a super fan of Marie Kondo because I’m a maximalist, but I do realize that I need to purge a lot of stuff this next year and I do like her way of saying goodbye to things and staying organized.

10. Salt Lamp // I’m not a hippie-dippie salt lamp fan because I think they have any healing powers, but I enjoy the warm glow they give off and they are perfect for a night light (especially one with a dimming switch) or just to use at night around the house. I have one next to my bed, the guest bed, and in the babies’ den and I turn it on at night for their last bottle feed and turn off all the other lights just to wind down and get ready for bed.

11. Yoga Mat // I don’t have this tacos version, but I have the previous season’s pizza mat (replace tacos with pizza and it’s the same thing) and I would get a lot of laughs whenever I would unfold it at the gym.

12. Palo Santa + Sage Floral Smudge Stick // Just like the salt lamp, I’m not a hippie-dippie believer of any healing powers of anything, but I enjoy at least the idea of burning a smudge stick at the beginning of the year for a fresh start. I guess I believe in the symbolic gesture and its placebo effect. Plus, this one is just really pretty with the florals and the crystal and is perfect as a gift!

13. Hydroflask 40 oz. // If you don’t drink enough water during the day and one of your goals is to drink more water, then I highly recommend a Hydroflask with the straw top! When I’m drinking my daily water amount (notice I said “when” because sometimes I fall off the good eating/drinking a lot of water wagon) it’s because I’m using my Hydroflask and filling it up twice for the day (80 oz total). For some reason, using a straw makes you drink more, so the straw top helps you drink more water. Plus, the Hydroflask keeps your water cold ALL day! Actually, just read this review … it’s really fucking funny and spot on.

14. Slippers // After I had the babies, my feet swelled up (thanks C-section!) and I had a lot of problems with them. They still ache all the time and I have to wear shoes around the house in order to give them a bit of support. I was wearing cloth bottomed slippers and I would wear them out every few months, and then I splurged on a pair of these slippers and they are AWESOME! They’re my house slippers (I don’t wear them outside) and they are perfect for slipping on and off when I’m around the babies and going in and out of their room or their baby jail where there are no shoes allowed.

15. 52 Lists for Happiness // If you enjoy journaling and making lists, then this book is for you! There is also a 52 Lists for Togetherness and the original 52 Lists Project: A Year of Journaling Inspiration.

16. Self Care Book // If you need a bit more self-care guidance, then I think this would be a great book!

17. The Witch’s Book of Self Care // I don’t know why I have so many hippie or witchy things on this list, but I love it!

18. Bath Salts // Again, a bath is the epitome of self-care and these bath salts are great for achy muscles! I’ve used them before in a foot soak tub and they are awesome!

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