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Gift Guide for the Busy Mom

I’ve put together a Gift Guide for the Busy Mom which includes 18 practical and useful gifts that are perfect for the busy mom in your life. These are great for ideas for Mother’s Day, a Birthday, Christmas, or just because. I mean, some of these gifts are sexier than others (like silky soft pajamas are a lot more glamorous than a robot vacuum that literally sucks), but these are all gifts that will make the busy mom’s life easier or a least a little bit more relaxed. 

Just to be transparent, I do not own an Instant Pot, Smart Coffee Mug, or Alexa Echo, but I know several moms who do and swear by them! And some other items, like the Revlon Hair Brush, Scout Bag, and Eberjey Pajamas, are on my wish list and I will update my review whenever I get them. There are a few other items I haven’t tried and I make note of them in my descriptions below, but I would legitimately purchase and own everything now if I were a millionaire and not on a budget. 

Gift Guide for the Busy Mom

1. Roomba: When will the laundry robot or the dishes robot be invented. Yes, I realize that washing machines and dishwashers exist, but I still have to load them. This little bad boy does all the vacuuming for me at the touch of a button. I own it, I love it! 

2. Dry Shampoo: Before kids, I would just wash and blow dry my hair in the morning. Yes, it would take forever, but it looked better to have fresh hair. Now, I have to shower and blow dry my hair the night before if I have plans and I will make that blow out last as long as possible, so dry shampoo is pretty much saving my life by saving me time. I haven’t tried this particular dry shampoo yet, but it’s in my Amazon cart and I want to try it because it seems a bit more eco-friendly than the typical spray bottle dry shampoos. 

3. Shower Cap: This goes with the dry shampoo so you can still shower and not smell, but preserve that blowout and save yourself some time. I own it, I love it!

4. Hydro Flask: I LOVE my Hydro Flask. I purchased it back when I was going to the gym every weekday and doing a nutrition program where my nutritionist told us that drinking with a straw helps you drink more water and that if you use the 40oz Hydro Flask, all you have to do is fill it up twice (and obviously drink the water) and you’ve had your recommended water intake for the day! I own it, I love it!

5. Tile Mate: These little things are good for finding important things such as your keys, cell phone, your kid’s favorite toy, etc. As long as it’s within 200 feet, you can use your smartphone to make the tile ring. Can’t find your phone? Tap the button on the tile mate to make your phone ring, even if it is set on silent. Right now, I feel like I never leave my house, but in a couple of years when I’m juggling 3 kids and constantly losing my keys (and probably my shit), I’ll be investing in these things. 

6. Large Vegan Leather Tote: I love this bag. It looks like this expensive Madewell tote bag, but it’s only $44.99 and it holds everything! My friend Lauren brought this bag with her as her purse when we went to Marfa. It’s so soft, I legit thought it was the Madewell bag and when she told me it was a $45 bag from Amazon, I immediately went online and ordered it. I own it, I love it!

7. Temperature Control Smart Mug: I drink cold brew coffee so I don’t need one of these, but if a mom in your life is always complaining about drinking cold coffee, then maybe it’s worth the splurge and she needs one. 

8. Ninja Blender: I love my Ninja blender. It’s great for blending food, but also great for milkshakes and cocktails! I own it, I love it!

9. Amazon Alexa Echo: As I mentioned, I don’t have one of these, but I know moms who do and they love them. The extent of my “smart home” consists of my Nest thermostats and cameras and I have yet to hook up to speaker system yet. 

10. Mustard Bath Salts: Ok, the reviews of this product pretty much say that you’re going to take a bath and then sweat. A lot. But that your muscles will feel better afterward. I am so looking forward to trying it once I no longer have a baby inside of me. 

11. Slippers: Again, these don’t really help a busy mom at all … but they’re nice and they feel like little hugs for your poor tired feet. I own these, they are my “indoor” shoes and I’m actually on my second pair because I wore down the soles on my first ones. But I’ve washed my first pair and tied them up in a bag under my bed and they are my “earthquake shoes.” I own it, I love it!

12. Silky Pajamas: These in no way help a busy mom juggle anything in her life, but they look like they feel good. 

13. Birkenstocks: Ok, these do save a LOT of time. Instead of having to put on socks and tie my shoes, I just slip these on and I’m out the door. I really want a pair of these closed-toe ones, too! I own it, I love it!

14. Relaxing Tea: I’m going to try out this tea after I have this baby and see if it’s as good as the reviews claim. 

15. Nest Thermostats and Nest Outdoor Video Cameras: I love my Nest Thermostats and Nest Outdoor Cameras. If I forget to turn the heat down downstairs before going to bed, I can just use the app on my phone to do it. Same thing with the upstairs! Call me lazy, but if I don’t have to get out of bed and walk to 10 steps to the thermostat, it’s a lifesaver. And I like our outdoor cameras which provide just a little bit extra security since we live on a semi-busy street. I don’t assume that they will stop crime or vandalism, but I hope that if something happens, I can catch the person on video. I own it, I love it!

16. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Brush: I don’t have this, but I want to try one. I’ve seen SO many good reviews and I have such thick, curly hair that anything that helps save me time when blowing it out is worth it. 

17. Scout Bag: The reviews on these look awesome! I’m thinking I need one for the back of the minivan (that I said I would never get) to hold all of our miscellaneous outdoor kid stuff such as our picnic blanket, extra emergency clothes, emergency kit, extra wipes/diapers, etc.   

18. Instant Pot: I don’t have an Instant Pot (I know, shocking because doesn’t everyone have one?), but everyone else swears by it, so it made the list. Although, I might go for this Ninja 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Air Fryer, etc. instead! 

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