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13 Nights of Donuts!

I love donuts and I love Halloween, so why not celebrate the two with 13 Nights of Donuts?!? Halloween Donuts // Candy Bar Donuts // Legal Miss SunshineOver the next 13 nights, I’ll be sharing 13 Halloween-themed donut recipes! Spiders, vampires, and more monsters, oh my! Halloween Donuts // Candy Bar Donuts // Legal Miss SunshineBut I’m kicking off tonight with the Halloween Candy Bag Donut that I did for Food Network. You can find the toppings recipe over on These donuts are great whether you fry your own yeast donuts or you use store bought donuts and add the toppings. If you make your own, you can find my yeast doughnut recipe here.Halloween Donuts // Candy Bar Donuts // Legal Miss SunshineIf you’ve already purchased your Halloween Candy and just can’t keep your hands off it, this recipe is perfect for you! Or, wait until your kids go trick-or-treating, and then make these donuts as a special treat for Sunday morning! Halloween Donuts // Candy Bar Donuts // Legal Miss SunshineAnd be sure to follow my #13NightsofDonuts over on my Instagram!

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