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Halloween Monster Floats

I know I’ve jumped the gun a bit with Halloween. I usually don’t like to post anything until October 1st, but if they’re selling Halloween in the stores, then it’s fair game, right? It’s late September, so close enough. Anyhow, I had a LOT of fun making these Monster Floats with body part gummy candy swizzle sticks! Halloween Monster Floats // Salty CanaryThe swizzle sticks would also be good as Halloween Candy Kabobs or make shorter ones for cupcake toppers. I think they’re creepy, but fun! Halloween Monster Floats // Salty CanaryHalloween Monster Floats // Salty CanaryAnd the floats are super easy – just some 7Up and lime sherbet! I love root beer floats, but I wanted something a bit different and in a monster green color and these turned out perfect with the frothy tops! Halloween Monster Floats // Salty CanaryHalloween Monster Floats // Salty CanaryIf you want to change up the flavor a bit, use 7UP, lime sherbet, and ginger ale. I’m not going to put up the recipe, just mix the flavors until you get something you like. Halloween Monster Floats // Salty CanaryAnd, I’ve got some tips and more photos on making the Halloween Candy Kabobs Swizzle Sticks right here. Halloween Monster Floats // Salty Canary

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