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An Electrifying Frankenstein Themed Halloween Dinner Party

Who says Halloween has to be costumes and trick-or-treating? Instead of going to a costume party or handing out candy to little kids, invite your favorite monsters over and throw an electrifying Frankenstein themed Halloween dinner party! 

An Electrifying Frankenstein Themed Halloween Dinner Party

When I saw these Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein plates and trays, I knew I had to put together a dinner party tablescape! However, everything in the collection is black and white, so I brought in my love of color in other ways including the flowers, napkins, drinks, and candy favors.

My centerpiece for the table? My electrifying neon-colored Frank “vase”. He’s a DIY-painted styrofoam Frankenstein head and since I didn’t want a realistic (normal green) Frank, but instead an over-the-top electrifying Frank, I painted him bright pink with neon blue hair, purple eyes and mouth, and green neck bolts. I then cut out a piece of the top his head, added some floral foam, and arranged my brightly colored flowers.

Of course, when I was finished, I shouted, “He’s alive!”

I set the table using two brightly colored napkins to bring in more pops of color! The pink napkins acted as a placemat, and the bright blue napkins allowed for the Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein plates to really pop off the black dinner plates.

I also set out Frankenstein sodas and Bride of Frankenstein sodas for each guest. I wrapped a black tulle bow around each bottle, and if you want to assign seats, you could add little tags with the guests’ names to the bottles to act as place cards.

The candelabra and black candles added a bit of sophisticated drama to the table while the licorice candy added a colorful treat. I then used the Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein trays as wall art! I just couldn’t use them for food and cover them up, so I added some hanging strips to the backs of them and put them on the wall!

Now I just need to come up with a mad scientist and monster themed menu to serve to my guests on Halloween night!

Looking for more Halloween inspiration? Look no further!

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